How to get rid of sweat smell in armpits

How to get rid of sweat smell in armpits

Many face such problem as unpleasant smell from armpits, especially in hot days or at the moments of nervous tension. This terrible smell brings lot of unpleasant feelings not only to you, but also surrounding people. Large number of sweat glands is in the basic in underarms and on stupnyakh legs, they react to work of kidneys, food, hormones and air temperature. In cases of causeless increase in office of sweat show vigilance and address the expert.

It is required to you

  • - razor,
  • - formalin,
  • - vodka,
  • - alum,
  • - infusion of tea mushroom,
  • - Teymurov's paste.


1. Each person wants to smell sweet as freshness and spirits, and it is desirable that these feelings did not pass during all working day. But for this purpose it is necessary to find for himself more time with application of certain methods and means. First of all get rid of hair in axillary hollows by means of the razor or depilation. As hair have property to hold any unpleasant smell, especially sweat.

2. There is one ancient method which helps to get rid of unpleasant smell of sweat. Take one teaspoon of 40% of solution of formalin, add half of glass of vodka, teaspoon of alum and 50 grams of water. Carefully mix everything and you apply on sweaty places which need to be washed up previously with soap. Leave solution on underarms within 30 minutes, after that wash away at first warm water, and then cold.

3. The tea mushroom is remarkable folk remedy in fight against unpleasant smell of sweat. The tea mushroom infused within not less than one month is for this purpose necessary. Carefully wash armpits with soap, wipe dry and wipe with the towel, the wetted in infusion of tea mushroom. Thus you will get rid of sweat smell.

4. Teymurov's paste – one more known, inexpensive and effective remedy in fight against strong and pungent smell of sweat. Take bath or shower with soap, be not wiped, and grease problem places with this paste. The first minutes you will feel pleasant chill armpits and, perhaps, catch sweat smell. You carry out this procedure one-two times a week after reception of bathtub.

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