How to collect angular cabinet

How to collect angular cabinet

Angular cabinet – ideal option for the empty corners in the apartment. Besides, the configuration of angular cabinets gives to interior the classical atmosphere. As finishing of angular cabinets any material which is suitable for this purpose can be used.

It is required to you

  • Fibreboard, MDF, screws, nails, saw disk, frieze.


1. Cut out from plywood or fibreboard template 125 mm wide, 1065 mm long. Edges it is necessary to notch at an angle 45 degrees. Determine the sizes of sidewalls by ready template, and also the place where the cabinet will be located.

2. Connect cover to sidewalls and triangular regiments. Fastening of cover has to happen to the top edges of sidewalls by means of screws. For structural strength in addition use glue. Attach regiments to levels.

3. Incline saw disk at an angle of 45 degrees and mow front edge of sidewalls on slide guide. Attach motionless regiments to MDF levels. Connect sidewalls by means of screws. You watch that there were no slots.

4. In wall make marks between which put framework of angular cabinet. By means of screws attach cabinet to wall. Length of dowel has to be 75 mm.

5. From integral plate of MDF cut front frame. By means of circular saw cut in it apertures, using ruler. Dopilite corners.

6. That the angular cabinet concerned wall more densely, side edges of frame from face side notch at an angle 47 degrees. On both parties of frame fix frieze. This decorative element will decorate cabinet.

7. Establish front frame. For this purpose incline it and fix on the body by nails. At the same time the frame has to be aflush with the lower shelf.

8. Decorate internal corner. For this purpose use decorative tape 125 mm wide. Above edge frame aperture normal molding with flanging.

9. Make doors for cabinet or get ready. Hang up doors on the loops fixed to sidewall from the inside.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team