How to collect cabinet

How to collect cabinet

If you buy cabinet in online store, then for certain will face problem of its assembly. It is possible to order assembly from specialists of shop, and it is possible to try to collect design independently. To collect furniture is simple and pleasant occupation, but if the person never collected such products independently, he can face number of difficulties. Especially, if it is necessary to collect alone cabinet to ceiling. For exception of problems and mistakes we recommend to use the checked algorithm of actions.

It is required to you

  • - set of tools;
  • - spare screws;
  • - few spare nails for back wall;
  • - construction gloves;
  • - permanent marker;
  • - tape measure.


1. First of all it is necessary to disassemble all spare parts which to you have brought from shop and to be verified with the list of parts. If any parts are not enough, then it is better to reveal it at early stage. Therefore, take the specification and carry out inventory.

2. It is necessary to define further what part for what is intended. This step can be combined with the first step. Most likely, the part should measure by tape measure, to verify with the scheme and to sign with marker. The permanent marker is easily erased then by means of alcohol-containing liquid.

3. Now it is necessary to spread out parts as their assembly. Most likely, the size of the room will strongly limit movements and opportunity will not be twisted half by collected cabinet indoors. Therefore, it is necessary to begin assembly of the main framework at once in that situation in which it is going to establish it.

4. It is necessary to begin with the bearing part of design. It is external framework of cabinet. It is the most difficult to bring together him, especially if to do it independently without assistant. It is possible to resort to the help of walls of the apartment. Establish sidewalls in that situation as they will have to be fixed. Lean them against wall.

5. If there is opportunity to put future cabinet on floor flatwise, then do not miss such opportunity. Lay design on the floor and attach floor and ceiling of cabinet. If there is no such opportunity, then strengthen one of cabinet walls at wall, and then acquire floor and ceiling. Very accurately record design in motionless situation. Now, also accurately fasten the next wall. After that it is possible to fit all bolts and the frame of cabinet will be ready. While the design is in such precarious position, any lateral load can "put" all framework. Because of it fixing points of walls will be damaged by bolts and furniture will be broken.

6. When the main part is ready, it is necessary to fasten all internal walls. They will increase torsion rigidity of design. After that it will be already possible not to be afraid that boards will collapse like a house of cards. All walls at first it is necessary profit and only then to take.

7. Now, when the design is collected, it is necessary to fit all bolts and to pass to fixing of back plywood wall. Walls of cabinet are beaten by shoe nails. Availability of wall will provide sufficient torsion rigidity. Nails it is necessary to place with step 50 mm from each other.

8. It is necessary to attach or hang doors further. If you have normal oar cabinet, then it is simple. If the sliding wardrobe is bought, then it is necessary to fix at first correctly rails for doors. Doors need to be attached at this stage. If to try to make it earlier, then their situation can "float" and it will not turn out to adjust their convergence correctly.

9. If the cabinet has mezzanine, then it is necessary to collect previously it on floor but only then to lift on installation site. Doors on mezzanine need to be hung after its fixing on the main design. If to make it at once, then it will be much heavier to lift it and doors can become as a result uneven.

10. On the last step it is necessary to establish removable regiments inside, to attach handles and accessories. The cabinet is ready!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team