How to fix chair

How to fix chair

Now demand for wooden furniture does not fall, and on the contrary, increases. Such furniture fits practically into any interior and perfectly supplements it. Qualitative wooden tables and chairs can serve the owners long enough. However during operation the chairs begin to squeak or shake, and subsequently can break. The loosened chair can be strengthened in several ways.

It is required to you

  • - potay;
  • - glue;
  • - hammer;
  • - screw;
  • - sealant.


1. Usually shaking of chair happens because of drying of glue by means of which all parts from tree fasten among themselves. Connection happens by means of thorn and groove on glue basis. Glue is painted over time, losing at the same time the properties and falls out. For repair of such chair it is necessary to remove the loosened parts completely.

2. After that clean the released grooves from residues of glue (it is possible to use pricker). Also remove glue from thorn.

3. Further take new glue for tree or liquid nails. Apply it on thorn and also place in groove. Using such method of repair, it is not necessary to feel sorry for glue. It has to fill all emptiness.

4. Then thorn insert wooden element into groove and hammer by means of mall or the hammer. Remove the acted glue not to leave marks on tree.

5. However happens that there is no opportunity to get wooden element of chair. Then it is necessary to use fastening by means of screws. But to twirl screw, without having split tree, most likely, it will not be possible. Therefore at first drill, diameter suitable to screw, make opening.

6. Further drill of large diameter drill potay. Then twirl screw, rather carefully not to split wooden element of chair.

7. Appeared potay cover with special sealant which is used during the work with tree. Now the choice on color gamma of sealants is huge therefore it is possible to choose suitable to match chair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team