How to collect pollen

How to collect pollen

There are two known types of pollen: entomophillous and anemofilny. The second look is carried by wind and can cause various allergic diseases. With low biological value coniferous trees give such pollen, as a rule. It is extremely difficult to bring together her. From the consumer point of view pollen which is collected by bees from the blossoming plants is more interesting and bring in beehive.

It is required to you

  • Pollen catcher


1. How to the person to extract that pollen which since early spring is brought in beehive by hardworking bees? Several decades ago experts were interested in pollen a little. Beekeepers did not know about its catchers – specially arranged traps intended to take away part of their precious production from bees.

2. Devices for collecting pollen were known in America in the early thirties of the 20th century. Since then devices for collecting pollen became more perfect.

3. It is possible to collect pollen in three ways: - To substitute the pollen catcher under the slot with rasplody (the catcher for a while replaces beehive bottom).-To substitute the catcher over the slot with rasplody (on roof).-The catcher is put to opening beehive notch.

4. In each of three of these methods it is possible to intercept pollen obnozhka in two ways: - with the help sit with openings; - by means of the tin or plastic plate with openings which is vertically put on fine sieve (more preferable option).

5. The majority of models represent pollen catchers which are put under beehive. The first devices were produced entirely from aluminum or duralumin, including sliding box. Subsequently have refused metal box as it turned out water-proof and kept dewdrops and other traces of dampness. Wooden is more preferable, the tree well absorbs moisture and eliminates pollen losses.

6. However, and from wooden box pollen should be collected daily and to immediately subject to drying – it will allow pollen to be stored long, remaining in good condition.

7. Gradually manufacturers of catchers of pollen have come that all device has to be made of tree. Metal is used only at production of grid and sieve. And recently catchers without metal parts have appeared, in their design only the tree and plastic are applied. The bottom of box is made of wire mesh for air ensuring access.

8. The technology of collecting pollen is simple. It is enough to raise the body of beehive and to rearrange it from bottom on the catcher which is completely corresponding by the sizes to bottom.

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