How to connect corners of ceiling plinth

How to connect corners of ceiling plinth

When dressing ceiling, questions arise plinth usually: when to glue it - to or after wall-paper how to be with corners that correctly to connect them? At independent pasting of ceiling plinth it is necessary to know some rules.

It is required to you

  • Plinth, Titanium all-purpose adhesive, stationery or joiner's knife, tape measure, pencil, aqueous emulsion ink, soft rags.


1. For a start it is necessary to calculate quantity of ceiling plinth. For this purpose measure room perimeter. As the normal length of such plinths is two meters, separate the sum into two and receive the necessary number of pieces. Consider that it is better to take a little with stock, at registration of corners, you can spoil one strip.

2. Now decide when you glue plinth: after pasting of wall-paper or to. This sequence does not play essential role. Choose as it is more convenient to you. When pasting before wall-paper, it will be easier for you to putty position of joints and it is simpler to paint, but at the same time, wall-paper needs to be adjusted to the pasted plinth very precisely. After pokleyka of wall-paper the plinth can be glued only at their full drying, so you will waste a little time, usually one or two days should be waited. And when coloring it is necessary to stick with painting adhesive tape top of wall-paper not to soil paint.

3. You pass directly to gluing of plinth. Smear special glue with thin strip on both parties, that which fastens to ceiling and that which fix on wall. Having quickly smeared glue, apply plinth to wall, and hold some time with hands. You should not press very strongly plinth, otherwise glue can run out and get on wall-paper. If nevertheless smudges were formed, immediately remove them with soft clean rag.

4. To connect plinth corners, use the miter box - adaptation by means of which it is possible to control cut corner. It has to make 45 degrees. Having cut off one plinth under this corner, accurately paste it to wall. Now try on the second and cut off it stationery knife so that he repeated profile of the first, and then adjust longwise and too paste.

5. Perform work clean hands not to leave marks on white plinth. After the termination give couple of hours on full drying of glue and make coloring. Usually paint ceiling plinth with aqueous emulsion ink of the same color, as ceiling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team