How to connect the welding machine

How to connect the welding machine

It is very convenient to connect metal parts in many cases among themselves welding. Scope of welding equipment is very wide – from heavy mechanical engineering before laying of communications and construction jobs at construction of owner-occupied dwelling. Producers of devices for welding seek to create the best conditions for observance of technological process. But for a start it is necessary to be able to connect them correctly.


1. For operation of the welding machine essential role is played by the range of welding current, otherwise, unit power. If you have to weld grids, fences, other small designs, then the electrode of 4 mm in size quite will approach. The welding current will be in this case in range of 180-220 amperes. Pay attention and to idling tension. Than it is higher, the arch arises that easier. Some devices have function of ignition of arch that very much facilitates work.

2. Welding machines are equipped with the handle allowing to regulate current. Changing position of the core of the transformer, you can increase or reduce current depending on necessary operating mode and specific conditions of welding.

3. Before connection of the welding machine establish on what tension it is calculated (it can be found out in documentation to the unit). After that set the corresponding switch on the device body to position 220 or 380 of volts.

4. Connection of the device calculated on 220 volts is carried out by connection to the feeding automatic machine of one wire on "phase", the second – on "neutral", and attach the third wire on protective "zero" (it provides protection of the body).

5. The household welding machine calculated on 380 volts is connected so: attach the feeding ends to any two "phases", the third wire – to the protective "zero" wire protecting the body. The thick (welding) ends indicate exit, and thinner designate entrance.

6. Sometimes there is need in addition to calculate the power carrying capacity of the device for specific wiring. For this purpose increase mains voltage by peak value of current (it is specified on the guard automatic machine).

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