How to construct furniture

How to construct furniture

To get furniture, there is at all no need to go to furniture store. The simple, elegant and practical dacha furniture can be made the hands of available materials. Such furniture is useful and in backpacking – it does not need to be dragged with itself, and it is possible to make directly on the place.

It is required to you

  • Branches of trees, cord, aluminum wire


1. Prepare material for production of furniture. Thick branches of bush, for example, of juniper, hazel grove will approach. It is possible to use dry boughs of trees, the lower branches of fir-trees which often dry up for our hand-made articles. Also aluminum wire or hank of rope is required.

2. Begin with production of the book rack. In the beginning make regiments; them it is required two or three. Take three-four short rods (length of rods will determine rack width) and connect them on the ends by crossbeams. It is possible to fasten crossbeams with wire or rope, having densely wound the ends of the connected elements.

3. From two flexible branches about 120-150 cm long bend two "onions". Instead of bowstring tie the direct sticks suitable by the size to the ends of the turned-out arches. The turned-out "onions" will play role of side pillars. Now at different height tie crossbeams to racks. The rack is ready. It it is possible to lean against wall or even to hang up on it, having hammered couple of nails into wall.

4. Line for stool. From flexible juniper branches bend three identical arches of small radius. Fasten the lower ends of arches with crossbeams by means of wire or rope. You have received stool legs. Connect and connect in pairs the ends of legs that as a result future stool stood on three dual legs.

5. Make stool seat. For this purpose contract not too thick rod into ring, connect the ends and fit the turned-out seat rope grid. Tie ring from above to the stool basis. The second option of seat: instead of ring to make triangle of short direct branches and to sheathe it from above short sticks.

6. For registration of garden interior there is not enough table. In principle, the table – the same stool, is only more by the sizes therefore the stool manufacturing techniques completely will be suitable also for small table unless "onions" in the basis it will be required not three, but four. The table-top can be built from the sheet of thin plywood, having cut by the basis sizes. If there is no plywood near at hand, collect surface of table from separate direct sticks, having densely laid them to each other.

7. Having shown imagination, you will be able to make of branches sun bed, rocking-chair, chair with back and even small bedside table.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team