How to construct garage of cross ties

How to construct garage of cross ties

For those who experience serious difficulties with purchase of expensive construction materials at construction of garage there is quite good way out – to construct garage of railway cross ties. It will be easy to find them – now hundreds of thousands of tons of cross ties which have served the term it is useless lie and wait for the utilization.


1. Use of cross ties as construction material – not news, especially in the areas directly adjacent to the railroad. To build of cross ties simply and quickly that is promoted in many respects by their sizes. Besides all advantages which the timber structure from cross ties has it is not subject to rotting and influence of insects as it is impregnated with powerful anti-septic tank – creosote. However, as we know, creosote has some cancerogenic properties and therefore for construction of garage it is better to use old cross ties, creosote content in which is much lower, than in new.

2. As the garage from cross ties will be much easier brick or concrete, it is possible to save on the base considerably. To the base fix the first row of cross ties by bolts which even when filling the base should be built in in it. It is recommended to use bolts with a diameter of 40 mm approximately through each meter.

3. Take care that bolts have precisely coincided with the openings drilled in cross ties as a lot of things depend on the first row. You fasten all subsequent ranks among themselves with metal brackets and for bigger durability – metal strips of 20х4 mm or 30х4 mm (width and thickness) on diagonals. For fixing of strips drill in them openings where then drive in nails or twist self-tapping screws.

4. If you have planned to make window or door opening in garage, then cross ties can be put and vertically. Pay special attention to quality of strengthening of corners. They by all means have to be equal and strong.

5. After wall construction they need to be upholstered with shingle and to plaster. As practice, garages from cross ties very strong, in them always warmly and chilly shows. Do you still have question of how to calculate quantity of the cross ties necessary for garage? For example, on the house of 10х10х3 m in size there is enough about 350 cross ties.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team