How to construct the freezing chamber

How to construct the freezing chamber

To keep the crop reaped till fall, it is required to equip the relevant storage. As the place for placement for winter of vegetables, jam, pickles it is possible to use normal cellar, but it is better to get the self-made freezing chamber or glacier. Such construction will help to ensure safety of preparations, including fish and meat products. Operation of the freezing chamber is based on accumulation of cold during winter season and preservation of low temperature in the rest of the time of year.

It is required to you

  • - metal pipes and corners;
  • - wooden bars and boards;
  • - tools for work with wood and metal;
  • - welding machine;
  • - slag;
  • - polyfoam;
  • - concrete;
  • - kerosene.


1. Pick up the place for construction of the freezing chamber. It is the best of all to equip it in the yard of the house or the dacha. Provide direct entrance to storage or make manhole under floor of farm buildings. Choose the sizes of the freezing chamber taking into account the needs for storage of products. If your homestead economy is small, there is no sense to arrange grandiose storage of industrial scale.

2. The basis of the camera will be formed by the deepening dug in the earth. Make hole of such sizes that it approximately on half-meter was deeper than future camera and is one meter more on width and length. If you are going suit earth floor in the freezing chamber, then it is not required to increase depth.

3. Now start production of design for refrigerating substance as which kerosene will act. Make capacity in the form of frame of metal pipes with a diameter of 90-110 mm. The sizes and form of frame will be defined by the camera bottom sizes. At the same time pipes of design have to be located at distance of 100-200 mm from hole walls. In the middle of design weld two struts from pipes of the same diameter. Height of these vertical pipes has to be such that after seal of the camera soil the ends of pipes acted over surface on 250-300 mm.

4. On perimeter of the dug-out hole build timbering from boards that it by the size corresponded to the camera size. Fill in timbering with concrete solution, having made the wall thickness of equal about 400-500 mm. Such walls will provide good preservation of low temperature in storage.

5. Make door unit. The design of doors is defined, first of all, by arrangement of entrance to the freezing chamber. If the entrance from above is provided, make door in the form of the hatch with double cover, having arranged between two parts of cover warming from polyfoam. Warm overlapping of the camera, having filled up with slag.

6. In the capacity made of pipes fill in kerosene. Put on covers from dense material the top ends of vertically standing pipes (normal polyfoam will approach). For the winter such covers will need to be removed. Such freezing chamber will allow to provide storage of the most various food without special efforts, having protected them from damage.

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