How to couch seeds tomato

How to couch seeds tomato

As tomatoes are thermophilic plant, and frosts in midland of Russia meet even in June, gardeners try to begin landing of tomatoes as soon as possible, using seedling. In this case after the passing cold days to greenhouses it is possible to land already ready to blossom plants. But good and qualitative seedling of tomatoes begins with competent prorashchivaniye of seeds.


1. In the middle or the end of March begin preparation of seeds for landing with hardening. The easiest and effective way - impact on seeds contrast temperature. For this purpose wet seeds between two layers of damp matter at the room temperature (18-20os) for 15-20 hours, and then for the night (6-8 hours) place them in the fridge under the freezer where temperature of 0-2 degrees. In the afternoon get again and sustain at the room temperature. This procedure is carried out within 10-15 days. Weak seeds at the same time perish, but survivors well ascend, transfer cold weather easier and yield big crops.

2. For acceleration of germination place seeds on the damp rag or gauze put in tray and cover with one layer of the same fabric. Fabric has to be moderately damp, but seeds should not float in water. Place tray in the warm place (25-30 degrees). You watch throughout the day that fabric remained damp and did not dry up that occurs pretty fast in warm conditions. Instead of normal water sometimes advise to use rain or melt water and also juice of plants of aloe or kalanchoe. For soaking it is possible to use also growth factor solution: sodium humate (0.005%, color of solution has to remind beer or weak tea), epin-extra or zircon (3-4 drops on 100 ml of water for 5-6 hours).

3. When seeds of tomato arise, accurately move them to the earth and powder 0.5-1 cm of the earth. The earth under sunflower seed has to be damp, and from above - dry what there would be access of air to tomato seeds. You transfer seeds accurately not to damage small back. It is not necessary to wait when sprout all seeds - they arise unevenly therefore constantly monitor emergence of new backs and transfer these seeds to the earth. The sunflower seed is considered germinated, that is ready to crops if length of sprout is equal to length of the seed.

4. Some experts recommend to submerge before crops of seeds them for 30 min. submerge in solution of 1% permanganate of potassium for disinfecting then seeds of tomatoes are couched above in the described way or sow directly in boxes with soil for greenhouses.

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