How to cover hydrangea for the winter it is correct

How to cover hydrangea for the winter it is correct

In gardens and on seasonal dachas the fans of decorative cultures grow up generally three types of hydrangea — large-leaved or to makrofill, panicled and treelike. Two last versions differ in frost resistance. Makrofilla in this plan, unfortunately, is rather whimsical. Therefore owners of such a little whimsical version often are interested in how to cover hydrangea for the winter.

It is required to you

  • - secateurs;
  • - cord;
  • - any nonwoven ukryvny material;
  • - dry fallen leaves in large number;
  • - film;
  • - piece of dense fabric.


1. Remove all thin or crossing escapes from bush. Such branches anyway will not transfer winter. Also surely clean bush and pristvolny circle from the foliage remains. Use for cutting qualitative secateurs with well ground edges.

2. So, how to cover hydrangea for the winter? For a start separate bush into several small parts, following the direction of escapes. Accurately connect each bunch of branches by cord. Bend down parts of plant to the earth. Branches at hydrangea flexible. But it is worth carrying out this procedure nevertheless carefully, trying not to break escapes.

3. Cover bush with some nonwoven fabric. It can be, for example, agrospan or lutrasit. Not bad spunbond also will be suitable for the shelter of hydrangea for the winter. Such types of the warming material are best of all capable to optimize temperature condition in mini-hotbeds.

4. At the next stage powder the covered plant with thick layer of leaves. You should not pass this step. Plant hydrangea — actually to frosts very sensitive. Under only one ukryvny material in the winter it, most likely, will freeze. Leaves will serve for it in frosts as peculiar "fur coat". Certainly, it is necessary to take leaves only from healthy, it is desirable not garden trees.

5. Continue to prepare hydrangea by winter, having laid over the turned-out heap some waterproof swore. It can be, for example, thick polyethylene film or just bag from under sugar. Press just in case edges of material stones or bricks. The film will prevent soaking of leaves during autumn rains or winter thaw.

6. Over bag or polyethylene lay piece of dense fabric. It is also possible to use old coats or, for example, piece of the oriental carpet which has served the. Also press down the top shelter something heavy at the edges.

7. Be not afraid of what under several warming layers the hydrangea vypret in the spring. The way described above — actually very good answer to question of how to cover hydrangea for the winter. The main thing is to provide tightness of top layer, having achieved that leaves remained dry.

8. Well and, of course, try to remove the shelter in the spring in time. Remove layer of leaves from bush only when returnable frosts stop. The hydrangea, unfortunately, is also very sensitive to them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team