How to create bed

How to create bed

The bed is flower bed in the form of square, circle or oval which is raised over the level of lawns and paths. In the center it can be decorated with flowerpot or the fountainlet. It is possible to create bed and on the small garden site.

It is required to you

  • - cord;
  • - pegs;
  • - shovel;
  • - earth;
  • - organic fertilizers;
  • - seedling;
  • - brick.


1. Decide on what place you want to make flower bed. Consider what flowers are necessary for bed that the proportion of color has been observed. Allotment with bed has to be not in shadow and is well visible from house windows.

2. Make the drawing, on it designate the place of landing of right colors or herbs. Think over bed form. With the help peg and cord plan the place of its placement. Begin preparation in 2 weeks prior to landing of flower bed. The soil can shrink 5 cm.

3. Dig ditch under bed of 40-60 cm in depth. Lay layer of clay 5 cm thick on bottom if the soil easy (sandstone). On clay soil make drainage – 10-12 cm from sand, crushed stone, gravel or beaten brick.

4. Fill ditch with specially prepared earth. Introduce organic fertilizers: peat, humus, compost.

5. The soil in ditch has to be 5-10 cm higher than surrounding surface that after its shrinkage the level of bed was at the level of other lawn. In too deep ditch rain water will accumulate that will adversely affect plants.

6. Protect edges of bed border. For this purpose dig out groove on edge of bed. Establish border from plastic or glass bottles, bricks.

7. From the middle of bed to edges make bias. The soil before landing of plants it is abundant humidify. Dig over it and remove the remains of weeds. Process rake.

8. You carry out landing of plants in the morning or in the evening – from the middle to edges, observing chess order. Seedling in two hours prior to disembarkation and later it is abundant water.

9. Do pole for large plants by scoop, and for small – peg. Straighten roots of saplings. Shorten long roots of perennials nipping. Having powdered them with the earth, slightly condense the soil. Plants have at the edges more densely, than in the center.

10. Make the size of big bed from 1.5 m to 2 m. High plants arrange in the center, low at the edges. Make small bed flat. On it land no more than 5 plant species.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team