How to create effect of old times on furniture

How to create effect of old times on furniture

Today collectors are ready to pay big money for period furniture. I suggest to arrive on the contrary and for little money to turn normal furniture into ""antiquarian"".

1. On surface of old furniture the alligatoring often appears. Such effect can be gained by means of crackle lacquer which at reaction with paint changes the structure and bursts.

2. At first it is necessary to prepare furniture. If old paint well keeps, then it can be not removed. Rather carefully to wash up furniture soda to remove dirt and fat, and then to grind all roughnesses abrasive paper. Then we cover furniture with prime. If furniture is made of the raw wood, then it needs to be covered at first with mordant, and then to ground. Primer has to cover completely furniture surface therefore the second layer can be necessary. Each layer of primer has to dry completely.

3. When the surface has completely dried out, we apply priming varnish on it and slightly we dry. Crackle lacquer is applied on even sticky surface. The paint drying below leads to emergence of cracks on varnish coat. Their size depends on extent of drying of paint: the humidity is higher, the varnish bursts stronger. In conclusion to wipe the cracked surface with the sponge moistened with dark varnish.

4. Also unusual effect on furniture will be gained if to coat it two different flowers. For example, at first burgundy primer, and then - yellow so that places burgundy color was visible. To wait until paint dries and to grind abrasive paper that burgundy color in places appeared. It is necessary to grind in the direction of layers of wood.

5. To give to furniture antique look, it is possible to apply patina. For this purpose we dissolve linseed oil with turpentine in proportion 50 on 50 and we dissolve in it pigmental paints, for example black and umber. Then we cover furniture surface.

6. On old furniture small openings - traces of damages by wood worms are often visible. For many collectors it is confirmation of antikvarnost of furniture. They can be imitated easily: we dip toothbrush into black or brown paint, and then, driving finger on bristle, we spray furniture.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team