How to create homeliness

How to create homeliness

The cozy, comfortable house to which there is a wish to return. Each woman dreams of such house, perhaps. It is possible to make it the nest and without involvement of highly paid experts, without serious material inputs. The main thing is to put the love and heart and soul in registration.


1. Consider that in interior the main thing - color and light. These components can change or destroy space of the apartment or house literally. By means of color it is possible to expand or reduce the room, to make it higher or lower.

2. Arrange lamps so that they lit different zones, and they could be included separately. The soft light flowing from one corner gives to all room the atmosphere of heat and cosiness.

3. Paint walls warm colors – cream, brown, yellowish. Or for pokleyta wall-paper in this color gamma, it is better with monophonic or with not striking drawing. For revival of interior use bright parts: curtains, furniture, pictures, plants.

4. Choose your house furniture so that the upholstery and color of tree or plastic were harmoniously combined with color of walls. Choose upholstered furniture with nice on the touch fabric.

5. Do not forget about curtains. Windows in interior – important element. It is possible to use tulle or organza, heavy portyerny fabric or lungs option of lambrequins. Dream, select. If you decorate windows without the assistance of the designer, better do not do difficult decorative elements, focus on selection of the quality fabric which is well combined with walls and furniture.

6. Make the house alive and cozy by means of flowers. Place pots with flowers on windowsills, in suspended blocks, big floor vases very much decorate the house. If you have no opportunity to buy beautiful and expensive ceramic or design products, it is possible to decorate them independently. Paint normal pot with colored enamel, decorate with volume applique, glass rhinestones, color pebbles. Such flower lodges will give to the room charm.

7. The living room if the area allows, issue by means of the real or artificial fireplace. Create special zone for fireplace and about it: put cozy chair, put soft carpet, on wall place picture. On the chimney shelf put vases, frames with photos, figurines.

8. Place in the house of the photo, portraits, pictures. Find original bagatelles of interior in shops: desk lamp, floor lamp, vases, etc. They will give to your house color and the unique atmosphere.

9. Keep kind power in the house. Quarrel as little as possible, you appreciate and preserve the intra family kind relations.

10. Invite to the house of relatives, friends, good acquaintances. It is peculiar indicator of the cozy, hospitable house. If to you, and your friends well and comfortably, so everything at you has turned out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team