How to cut corner on plinth

How to cut corner on plinth

Today plinths are made of various materials: from polyfoam, plastic. Wooden too still meet. In the course of mounting often there is need of connection of fragments of plinth on external or on internal corner.


1. Pieces of plinth at an angle of 90 degrees connect, and for this purpose in each case on both pieces it is necessary to cut corner of 45 degrees. The saw cut can be made in different ways. By means of stuslayesla the volume of work very big, use the miter box. It is the small tool for joiner's works which is often used for undercutting of parts at an angle, miter boxes are bought in hardware stores, but in need of it it is possible to make independently.

2. So, install the miter box on workbench or other reliable surface where the plinth corner will be cut. Put fragment in the miter box. Bring that end which should be cut off to the necessary cut in 45 degrees.

3. Further record plinth in inside miter boxes as it is possible more densely that during operating time it was not displaced. Then insert hacksaw into cut and cut corner. It is necessary to remember that the big wood saw can damage plinth, to leave jags and to break away pieces. Best of all the hacksaw will approach, strangely enough.

4. On razmetkemozht so to happen that works on cutting out of corners it was necessary not much in addition miter boxes near at hand not. Nothing terrible, cut plinth on marking. Of course, it is slightly more difficult, but it is possible to make not less precisely. First of all, pencil and protractor note corner of 45 degrees on plinth. Before it surely measure plinth on width, and note the size of this width from face. Draw pencil line from quoin to the postponed point. Cut corner on the made marking.

5. On to glazvypilivat corner approximately it is possible to undertake only as a last resort. It is way of the smallest accuracy and the greatest risk to spoil material. It is necessary to make the following: fix piece of plinth on plain surface, approximately note 45 degrees and saw off. Nothing difficult as it seems. But, unfortunately, other part of plinth adjacent to the first, it will be necessary to saw off so that the new corner corresponded to the first. And as the first is made approximately, mistake probability is high.

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