How to cut off peduncle at phalaenopsis

How to cut off peduncle at phalaenopsis

The orchid phalaenopsis is refined decoration of any apartment. This magnificent tropical flower very long pleases surrounding with the unearthly beauty, is unpretentious in leaving and does not demand big costs of fertilizers and vitamins at all. However in treatment of this handsome there are small nuances which fans of flowers need to know. One of them – the correct forming of peduncles.


1. You watch closely condition of the blossoming orchid. As soon as butonchik begin to lose elasticity and will become as if the cereous, it is the first signal that blossoming will end soon and peduncle will begin to dry. The main thing here is not to hurry and not to do hasty movements. Of course, the hung buds not really esthetically look on the foreground in your apartment, but it is at all not occasion to grab scissors and to cut off peduncle. If the species of faded florets so is unpleasant to you, transfer phalaenopsis to less noticeable place and let's it fade there quietly.

2. Cut off the dried-up peduncle. It can seem simple and even not requiring special attention, however some nuances are available and here. Even after the orchid will finally fade, do not hurry to get rid of peduncle. The fact is that phalaenopsis blossom repeatedly, throwing out new peduncles from the most unpredictable places. It can be the basis of the socket of leaves, and there can be also sleeping kidney in bosom of old peduncle. For this reason after all butonchik have fallen down, watch plant still some time. If the peduncle begins to turn yellow and dry to the basis when it finally turns into the dried-up column, it can be cut off safely. And here if it keeps former look and is not going to dry up at all, do not touch it. Most likely, shortly on old escape new butonchik will appear.

3. It is possible to cut off live peduncles in the unique case – for the purpose of forming. Happens so that phalaenopsis has faded once, then the peduncle has branched and has faded again, but also after that has not dried up, and has stood waiting for the following action. The peduncle in this case looks too branched and untidy. Besides, it will be heavy to orchid to hold flowers on thin branches of it izrosshegosya escape. So so far the plant has not decided to blossom again, it is necessary to correct form of its peduncles a little. Cut off strongly branching part, but not under the basis, and approximately on two thirds. Thus, you will give to phalaenopsis the chance to continue to develop ready escape or will provoke its dying off and forming new from root.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team