How to decorate the front garden

How to decorate the front garden

The front garden – decoration of main entrance to the house. In it various plants and flowers which are "face" of the host are combined. Therefore it is necessary to approach registration of the front garden with special attention. The correct approach – absolute guarantee that your front garden will please you all year, and not just in the summer.


1. Planning of the front garden. Division of the area of the front garden directly depends on its size. If the place allows, it is worth including site for rest. It can be table and bench, or small gazebo. All this looks very attractively. In the front garden surely there has to be path which conducts from the street to the house.

2. Important role is played by fencing. The green hedge will become unusual element of registration. But consider that the dense and high fencing does not look attractive, in addition, it will close all your front garden in which you have enclosed many efforts and forces. The fence of small height, for example, from pig-iron grid or wrinkled rose will look not apart, and it will be much more pleasant to enter through unusual gate, than through normal gate.

3. The path is the major element of the front garden. It has to be covered with equal and nonslipping material. It is much easier to remove the paved path, and it is important in the winter and in the fall as standing dirt and snow will be brought to the house much less. If you want to make on step path, place them on all slope – it will be so much safer to go.

4. That the front garden was attractive all the year round, it is necessary to think over well what plants better to put. Surely besides summer plants, put bulbous – they will blossom in the spring. Also there are late flowers which blossom to the late fall. Choose those which will not expand in several years from the blossoming bushes and will not block passes. Use climbers – they will well look on walls of the house or on pig-iron protections of the front garden. From two parties of path you can put hand bell and also make small beds of roses.

5. Garbage cans are also necessary in your front garden. And not to spoil view of "green paradise" choose decorative tanks from stainless steel. Or create screen from the bright trudging plants.

6. And the last are accessories. It can be lamps on gate, beautifully issued house number or unusual mailbox. So you will be able to create the cozy atmosphere of harmony and hospitality in the front garden.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team