How to do rugs

How to do rugs

Exclusive subject of interior – pride of any hostess. And if this subject is also made with own hands, it becomes twice exclusive. It is possible to try to make something serious, for example, house rug that it could decorate with itself(himself) any room in your apartment.

It is required to you

  • small pieces of fabric of various coloring, needle, threads.


1. Small pieces of various coloring, correct square or rectangular shape will be necessary for you. If you are ready to experiment, then the size of rags take different. Only more time in assembly of this mosaic is required, but the rug form as a result has to turn out correct. Be engaged in adjustment.

2. Spread out rags on plain surface and decide on ornament. It depends on the fabrics chosen by you. Balance rectangles as it will be pleasant. Do not forget about allowances for pro-line of each part. Make necessary measurements and apply marking on each part. There will be quite enough one centimeter. When the mosaic is collected, leave it alone and you pass to preparation of basis.

3. For inner side you will be suitable any dense material. Besides, find wide tape for fringing. With color besides you can experiment. To make the correct rug, the size of basis has to be more mosaic on tape width.

4. Begin to sew parts from mosaic group. Take the first top left rectangle and its pristrachivayta to the second top left and so on. If you have chosen option with versatile rectangles, begin to sew the second row with the first, and further in process of fullness of ranks. In case with equal squares sew them the friend behind druzhka, row behind row.

5. At the edges of ready cloth hem tape. Then put basis and mosaic face side inside and sew parts, having left nedostrochenny piece to turn out. Turn out and sew up opening with concealed joint. Iron your new rug.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team