How to do tile: instruction

How to do tile: instruction

Finishing by ceramic tile is ideal for finishing of floors where it is necessary to provide fast damp cleaning. The ceramic tile creates excellent waterproofing therefore in life she has received great popularity when finishing bathrooms. It is called still tile.

It is required to you

  • - Glue for tile;
  • - toothed palette;
  • - assembly crosses;
  • - structure for finish of seams;
  • - hammer;
  • - chisel;
  • - ruler with level.


1. When finishing by ceramic tile, for a start it is necessary to clean surface from old covering. If it is covered with old tile, then it should be beaten off. It is possible to make it by means of the hammer and chisel. It is necessary to break accurately one of tiles the hammer, to take out splinters, and then, having put chisel to tile inside at a small angle to surface and to strike chisel face with the hammer. It is necessary to try, kind of to unstick tile. So it breaks the most parts with the minimum formation of crumb. Some tiles just fall off entirely.

2. After removal of old tile, it is necessary to remove glue layer. It becomes just as during removal of tile.

3. Now it is necessary to level surface. The general roughness is allowed within 5 mm.

4. After that, we mark surface, we draw middle center lines up and down of surface. It will help to put tile exactly.

5. We do trial apportion. For this purpose, from the drawn center, we put tiles without glue, one to one in one row to find out whether it is necessary to cut off extreme tiles. If it is necessary, we cut off extreme tiles 1 cm more, than it is necessary. At the same time we consider gap between the whole tiles which makes 2-3 mm. For endurance of gap, on sale there are assembly plastic crosses with the necessary width of pads.

6. After have decided on extreme tiles, it is possible to start laying. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare glue for tile. According to the instruction on bag with glue, it should be mixed with the necessary amount of water and when solution is ready, it is possible to begin laying.

7. By means of the toothed palette we apply glue on slightly humidified surface, thickness of layer has to be in limits of 1 cm, but no more than 2 cm, otherwise glue will dry very long. It is necessary to apply glue with small sites. Then, following marking, we put the first tile and we put assembly cross on each its corner, then we put the following tile and on free corners we put assembly crosses and so with each tile. The laying of floor has to be carried out at first to opposed angle or wall from outer door, and then towards exit.

8. During laying, it is necessary to control horizontal corner of tile and if necessary to level it. It is possible to control by means of ruler level. It is meter ruler with shelves at faces, it blocks several tiles at the same time that facilitates task.

9. Having laid tiles, it is necessary to allow glue to dry and when glue dries, it is necessary to remove assembly crosses and to fill seams between tiles special structure – finish for seams. It happens different flowers and it is selected for color to the available tile.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team