How to erase in the washing machine

How to erase in the washing machine

Modern electric devices including washing machines, considerably facilitate household cares. But the difficult technique demands responsible approach and observance of number of the rules providing high efficiency of washing and stability of operation of the washing machine.

It is required to you

  • - washing machine
  • - laundry detergent
  • - needle and threads


1. Before loading of linen study labels on clothes. It will allow to pick up the optimum mode of washing. Sort linen on color, type of fabric and degree of pollution. If fabric demands delicate washing, reduce the volume of the loaded linen to avoid excess sminaniye and twisting. It is recommended to wash especially fine linen (stockings, underwear, etc.), previously having placed in special bag.

2. Products from wool demand especially delicate approach therefore their washing in the washing machine is allowed only in the presence of the special mode. If it is necessary to wash new color thing, erase it separately – the faded product is capable to spoil other things.

3. Before washing clasp all buttons, buttons and lightnings. Turn linen inside out, it will increase quality of washing and will save drum of the washing machine from damage by accessories.

4. During washing smaller things can get in blanket cover and get off in whom. Shift of centroid leads to vibration strengthening that often is the reason of breakage of the washing machine. Therefore it is desirable to sew up opening in blanket cover previously.

5. Turn jeans before washing inside out, clasp lightning and buttons or buttons. It is necessary to wash jeans in cold (about 30 degrees) water with powder without the bleaching effect.

6. After washing wipe with dry rags rubber ring of sealant and leave door slightly opened for one and a half-two hours for drying. It is not recommended to hold door of the washing machine constantly open – over time loops ""sag"" and the hatch ceases to be closed.

7. Deenergize the washing machine and block the crane pumping water.

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