How to find and destroy bugs in the house ways

How to find and destroy bugs in the house ways

Though there are no direct proofs that bugs are carriers of some infection, people after all try in any ways to get rid of them.

Often the person loses in fight against bugs because these insects successfully adapted to the modern medicines intended for fight against them, and then bugs take the large number as are very prolific and quickly breed.

How to find presence of bugs

Starting exile of bugs from your dwelling, it is necessary to reveal their traces of their presence at first. Traces, very characteristic of bugs, can be seen on bed linen. These are the greased blood spots. Having carefully examined the furniture, especially berths, in wood structures of sofa and bed you will see congestion of black dots, especially in places of joint of wooden rails and in slots. Usually these points designate the place of laying of eggs of bug. Plinths, air vents, books, places of joint of panels of wall-paper have to be examined.

How to get rid of bugs

Entering fight against bugs, it is necessary to realize that process this long and laborious.

It is possible to use folk remedies, such as:

  • vymorazhivaniye
  • washing away

If bugs have begun to remove in the winter, then it is possible to try to freeze them (bugs are afraid of cold). For this purpose all soft parts of sofa and bed – pillows, rollers, mattresses and blankets - take out on loggia or balcony, on frost and leave them there, for 5-6 hours.

In the apartment open all windows and balcony door that frosty air freely came to all corners of the apartment, of course, all inhabitants of the apartment should be evacuated to relatives or acquaintances,

Wash away undesirable guests specially prepared structure. It is necessary to train it as follows: in 100 ml of alcohol to dissolve 10 ml of kerosene and turpentine. To allow to infuse minutes 5-7.

This means to miss the mark all available places with signs of dwelling of bugs. The lack of this means is in that, it cannot be applied to processing of furniture, electric devices and electrical outlets,

There is way with use of the concentrated solution of laundry soap. Bar of soap is grated and dissolved in 5 liters of hot water. Wash with this solution all plinths and do damp cleaning of the room. It is necessary to repeat cleaning several times.

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