How to finish the basement

How to finish the basement

The house with the first floor or the basement is more expensive, than the building without these rooms. Construction of such building demands additional expenses, but also this project has advantages too. In the basement it is possible to equip the boiler house, workshop, the room for exercise machines or for pool table and other entertainments.

It is required to you

  • - finishing materials and isolation for floor and walls of the basement;
  • - stretch or false ceilings;
  • - furniture.


1. The choice of finishing of the basement and materials for it will depend on type of the room which you want to equip there. Technical rooms and additional premises will demand different approach to repair.

2. At first you will need to get rid of moisture if it is in your basement. Dark damp places provide fine conditions for education and growth of harmful mold. Repair any leakages of pipes, cranes and connections. Seal basement windows. The dampness can get also through frames.

3. There are devices which dry up indoor air and do not allow emergence of mold. Consider also such option of disposal of humidity.

4. Make reliable waterproofing of floor that the fair covering was not deformed. Not all materials for finishing of floor will be suitable for the basement. The most suitable option is the ceramic tile. It is resistant to deformation, moisture and mold. That legs did not freeze, carpet tile.

5. From tree the larch is more preferable, it is moisture resistant and attractive externally. Cover floors from CSP from above with laminate as without this additional finishing the plate looks modestly.

6. Walls of the basement can be trimmed with moisture resistant gypsum cardboard, but not on wooden, and on metal framework. Pick up good insulating material - it has to be protected from fungus and mold. Leave in position of joints of pipes auditing hatches for free access in case of leakage.

7. Ready walls can be painted or trimmed with decorative plaster. For rooms where the humidity is more than normal, use paint on latex basis. Also cullets which have high wear resistance will approach.

8. Suspended and tension ceilings – the best options for the basement as you will be needs laying of electrical wirings.

9. Provide the basement with sufficient lighting as usually natural light there or absolutely not, or it is not enough. The lamps which are built in furniture and ceiling will be optimal and modern solution.

10. When choosing furniture and decor of interior you proceed from moisture resistance of material of which they are made.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team