How to get rid of dampness smell in clothes

How to get rid of dampness smell in clothes

The basic reason of emergence of unpleasant smell of dampness is that linen and clothes were or are dried insufficiently well up after washing, or long time was stored in the crude badly aired room. First of all it is necessary to define the reason of emergence of this misfortune.

It is required to you

  • - vinegar;
  • - fragrant toilet soap;
  • - bottle from under favourite spirits;
  • - sachet with odorous herbs.


1. Whenever possible do not leave the washed linen in the closed washing machine for long time. If washing has been started for the night, and in the morning you do not manage to hang out things on drying, at least leave door of the washing machine which is slightly opened to provide access of air and ventilation. Regularly wash out filters and to ditch for laundry detergent. After each cycle of washing wipe drum and rubber gaskets of the machine with dry soft fabric.

2. Hanging out the washed linen for drying, straighten folds and zaloma, leave intervals between things that air could circulate quietly between them. It is necessary to dry linen in the dry well aired rooms. In warm season it is possible to doon solarfor balcony, it is better to install the dryer near the battery of the long-distance steam heating in the winter. The good result is yielded by drying of linen in special drying machines or cabinets. Some modern models of washing machines are also equipped with function of drying of linen.

3. If you use the iron with function of otparivaniye, surely trace that the ironed thing was bone-dry before moving away her in cabinet. Regularly air cabinets and dressers. Never you store worn things together with washed.

4. If the smell of dampness was strongly proved in your favourite things, try to wash them anew with the conditioner and to dry up in the fresh air. Some housewives consider that it is possible to get rid of musty smell, having rinsed things in weak acetic solution. Others advise to add to water for rinsing small amount of antibacterial solution like Domestos, but be careful - do not use this method for things from delicate and color fabrics.

5. It is possible to muffle or kill uninvited aroma by means of method of our grandmothers. On regiment of cabinet where linen is stored, put piece of odorous soap or the used bottle from favourite spirits. Besides, it is possible to use sacks sachets with dry odorous herbs - lavender, rosemary, etc. They can be got in household shop or to make independently.

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