How to get rid of plant louse on roses

How to get rid of plant louse on roses

Rose – the gentle and whimsical plant requiring to itself special attention and thorough leaving. As well as set of other window plants, it is subject to diseases and "attack" of wreckers. Among great number of wreckers, one of the most dangerous to roses is the rozanny plant louse. There are several types of the medicines and means effective in fight against plant louse and some other types of wreckers.


1. Carbophos is the universal insektoakaritsid applied against plant louses and other wreckers. It is considered that carbophos is safe for the person. Concentration of solution for spraying of plants makes 0.4%. Specification of concentration is made depending on form of production of medicine.

2. Piretroidny medicines, such as Fury (zetatsipermetrin) and Detsis (deltametrin), are applied to extermination of plant louse, trips, caterpillars. Solution for spraying is prepared according to the instruction attached to medicine.

3. Solution of laundry soap is prepared from bucket of water and 200 g of soap. Soap solution it is abundant spray plants.

4. Solution from chloride potassium and superphosphate. He prepares from 5 g of chloride potassium and 10 g of superphosphate on 10 l of water. Before application solution has to infuse two days.

5. Stalks of tomatoes cut, and then soak three hours in water. Then this infusion is cooked by 5 hours on weak fire then filter. The received broth is diluted with water. Usually on 2 liters of water add 1 liter of broth.

6. Infusion from 30 g of the crushed garlic on bucket of water is infused on extent of day then filter. Infusion process the plants struck with plant louse.

7. Infusion from tobacco is prepared from calculation: one part of tobacco and ten parts of water. It has to infuse day. Then add 40 g of the crushed soap to infusion and part it with water to 10 liters.

8. Infusion of potato tops of vegetable is prepared from 1.5 kg of the tops of vegetable nastaivayemy in water bucket for 4 hours. Infusion is filtered and spray with it plants.

9. Processing of roses by chemical medicines is carried out in the spring and in the fall or during defeat of roses by wreckers. In the national ways of rose process during infection of plant louses. The best result is achieved at alternation of medicines. In spite of the fact that above-mentioned medicines are considered as safe for the person, during the work with them it is worth following all safety rules. After processing of plants the contact of the person with them so many days how many it is provided for each medicine is not allowed (data on term are specified in the enclosed instructions). Even to the plants processed by infusions and broths it is necessary to limit access to couple of days.

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