How to grow up cucumbers on bed

How to grow up cucumbers on bed

Cucumbers belong to thermophilic cultures. Therefore it is the best of all to grow up them in the greenhouse where these vegetables will be reliably protected from cold, rain and wind. But how to be that who on the seasonal dacha has no greenhouse? Really they should refuse juicy crispy cucumbers? Not at all. Cucumbers can be grown up also on bed if to conform to some simple rules.

It is required to you

  • - seeds of cucumbers;
  • - plastic cups;
  • - ashes, nitrophoska;
  • - branches, fallen leaves, needles, straw, sawdust, peat;
  • - polyethylene film;
  • - fertilizers.


1. To grow up cucumbers on bed, first of all it is necessary to be engaged in seedling. Carry out planting of seeds in the plastic cups or small pots filled with the special nutritious soil mix consisting of sawdust, peat and humus. Fertilize soil ashes and nitrophoska. It is better to be engaged in planting of seeds of cucumbers at the beginning or the middle of April.

2. Once a week water seeds of cucumbers with the filtered water. At temperature of 20-28 °C they quite amicably will begin to sprout, and in month after landing you will notice emergence of seedlings.

3. Right after emergence of seedlings be engaged in search of the place for further cultivation of cucumbers on bed. Give preference to the lit site closed from wind by fence, grid or dense thickets of garden bushes. It is the best of all to grow up cucumbers on beds on which root crops, tomatoes, paprika, cabbage or onions grew before. Consider also that the soil on bed on which you are going to grow up cucumbers has to incorporate minimum content of nitrogen.

4. To grow up cucumbers on bed, try to create the most favorable conditions for their growth and development. For this purpose collect from the site and its vicinities branches, fallen leaves, needles, straw, sawdust and peat in the early spring. Mix collected garbage rake, create from it equal oblong heap, fill in it with hot water, properly stamp and disinfect solution of copper vitriol.

5. Further fill on the turned-out bed layer of the soil mix consisting of the cespitose earth, sawdust, peat and humus and carefully level it. Thickness of such layer has to be 10-15 cm. It will also play soil role for cultivation of cucumbers on bed. For creation of greenhouse effect wrap up bed with polyethylene film and do not remove it until jumping of seedling of cucumbers.

6. You make planting of seedling of cucumbers to the prepared warm bed in the middle of May on condition of the settled warm weather. If you plant cucumbers to insufficiently heated-up soil, they will die. For each plant dig out separate hole and fill up it with mineral fertilizers: superphosphate or nitrophoska. Water bed with the prepared holes warm water and start planting of saplings.

7. Once a month carry out dry root fertilizing, sprinkling the soil around plants with any of the fertilizers which are available for you. Such structures as "Athlete", "Supporter", "Berry" and "Giant" best of all are suitable for increase in productivity of cucumbers. Do not forget to water cucumbers. It is necessary to do it 3 times a week. At stage of fructification you make watering fertilizing by means of mix from dung water and mineral fertilizers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team