How to grow up euphorbia cypress

How to grow up euphorbia cypress

Euphorbia cypress - unpretentious perennial. It perfectly will be suitable for border gardening, is ideal for the Alpine hill. The euphorbia attracts with the lightness, tenderness of fluffy branches, compactness and accurate form.

It is required to you

  • - euphorbia seeds
  • - euphorbia shoot
  • - film
  • - landing capacity
  • - gloves
  • - soil
  • - garden scissors
  • - drainage
  • - coarse bank sand
  • - mulch
  • - growth limiter
  • - fertilizer


1. Spring crops of seeds on seedling. Prepare landing capacity, fill with the earth and humidify. Spread out seeds and powder with earth layer in 1 cm. Distance between seeds - 2 cm. It will allow to do without sword-play. Cover with film. Shoots appear within 10 days. After emergence of shoots clean the shelter. Seedling of euphorbia prefers the solar place on windowsill. Carry out watering moderated on edge of landing capacity.

2. To the open ground land when the threat of returnable frosts passes. Choose solar location, without stagnation of water.

3. Dig over the earth, add bank sand. Make in the earth of hole and put drainage pebble, haydite layer, etc. Place in hole euphorbia sapling without deepening of root neck, powder with the earth and water. The soil around plant to zamulchiruyta the dried mowed grass, coniferous needles, sawdust, etc.

4. At crops of seeds in the fall - sow them directly to the open ground. Dig over the earth, add coarse bank sand and in small deepenings in the earth spread out seeds, from above powder with the earth. Put several seeds in one hole. Distance between holes - 30 cm. Place of landing to zamulchiruyta.

5. At reproduction of euphorbia cypress division of bush, in May we take from adult bush shoot with several kidneys (not less than two) and we land in the right place. We do not forget about drainage. By the end of summer one such sprout will develop to full-fledged beautiful plant.

6. Care for euphorbia consists in watering, fertilizing and hairstyle. Watering needs to be carried out only in case of long absence of rain. We water young landings regularly, but it is not abundant. Weeding as required. Fertilizing is carried out once during the season - infusion of grass or complex mineral fertilizer. The hairstyle after blossoming allows to keep dekrativny look. Use growth limiters for euphorbia cypress.

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