How to grow up garlic

How to grow up garlic

Garlic – not only fine source of vitamins and phytoncides, but also remarkable seasoning to any dish. It is difficult to meet personal plot on which garlic would not grow. What is necessary to begin to grow up garlic on the kitchen garden?

The solar place and the soil with abundance of sand and humus are necessary for garlic for good growth. It is better than all to grow up garlic from segments. Land garlic usually not of some height as possible stagnation of water is pernicious for it. The earth is dug up on depth of 5-8 centimeters, it is no more: the soil has to be firm below, on this basis and the segment will lay down.

Fertilizing the soil, it is necessary to remember that garlic badly transfers high concentration of salts therefore it is better to dilute solutions of ready mineral fertilizers. Also at fertilizers by all means there has to be nitrogen. It is necessary to fertilize the soil in advance, but not before the landing that the earth has managed to be enriched with microelements.

Segments land in the fall, early enough, that garlic has managed to take roots before frosts. The recommended term – the second half of September. Approximately in month garlic shoots can seem that will demonstrate its rooting. The taken roots garlic is ready both to wintering, and to spring growth. For the winter, garlic is covered with layer of hay or the fallen-down foliage, but not continuous layer, but "strips" to leave access to light and air. Garlic is rather frost-resistant so it does not need excessive concealment. In the spring heater can be not removed as garlic will sprout through it, and the wintered weight will serve as fertilizer. The inflorescences of garlic which have appeared in the spring can be broken off, and it is possible to turn ring for receiving "бульбочек" from which it is possible to grow up garlic subsequently. Young garlic can be eaten already by the end of June. Readiness of garlic is determined by condition of stalk at root neck: if the stalk firm, means on it still actively there are nutrients, that is growth of garlic continues. When it becomes soft, garlic can be dug out. During cleaning it makes sense to postpone the largest bulbs then to take from them segments on divorce. The selected segments should be dried to avoid germination, and to postpone until September. 

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