How to grow up green onions in the winter

How to grow up green onions in the winter

The organism of each person in cold season lacks vitamins and minerals therefore many grow up green onions during the winter period on windowsill. Of course, it is possible to buy greens and in shop, but the will be more tasty, and will definitely not contain hazardous substances.


1. To grow up green onions, you will need bulbs of any size. But it is worth noticing, the more by the size there will be head, the more you receive harvest from one unit as large fruits contain large supply of organic matters thanks to which the green feather is formed.

2. Cut off upper part of neck of bulbs before landing and put in warm water which temperature has to be about 40 degrees. Such process will accelerate emergence of greens and roots. Fill the soil in box and plant to it the soaked bulbs at distance one centimeter from each other. Properly bury bulbs and powder with small layer of the earth. At the same time you watch that the neck from where the feather will grow, has not been filled up with earth mix.

3. After bulbs are planted, them it is necessary is abundant to water with warm water. Further water as required, try not to pour the soil. Put box with the planted bulbs to the dark and warm place for one week. After bulbs begin to sprout, safely put box on light and warm windowsill. You watch that air temperature indoors did not fall lower than 10-15 degrees. Otherwise process of growth can stop. At air temperature more than 25-27 degrees, bulbs will grow on the contrary too quickly.

4. If you have no boxes, pots and the earth – not problem. The green onions can be grown up in water, using for this purpose tin or glass jars, from above which cardboard paper in which the circle of slightly smaller diameter, than bulb is cut keeps within. In bank pour water and insert bulb into circle so that only its lower part and roots were in water. Periodically add water as required.

5. Onions – quite photophilous plant and if you want to receive qualitative and dense dark green feather, it is necessary to take care of illumination. With mass growth of feather, very there will be by the way additional lighting, by means of daylight lamps in 20-40 watts.

6. After the feather reaches height more than 20 centimeters, it is possible to start harvesting safely. If you want to take everything that it can give from bulb, then begin to cut off onions from side feathers. When the central feathers of onions reach the considerable sizes, side will already begin to dry. Therefore it is better to eat them in time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team