How to grow up houses of mango

How to grow up houses of mango

Mango – very beautiful evergreen plant from east areas of India. Tree height in the nature – twenty-thirty meters. Leaves at mango very beautiful, glossy, the extended form. Young leaves light green or red that gives to tree decorative look.


1. At the beginning of spring the tree blossoms. Unusual flowers: small, pinkish or yellowish color. Inflorescences whisks of pyramidal form, about forty centimeters long. The period from emergence of flowers before maturing of fruits is from three to six months.

2. Mango in house conditions can be grown up in two ways: scion and from stone. The scion has good high-quality characteristics, and the first fruits appear for three years earlier.

3. Cultivation from stone is entertaining and interesting. To take stone, cut fruit lengthways, and then turn halves in different directions.

4. Wash out stone and put in small nine-centimetric pot with mix of the cespitose and humous earth. Sprouts appear in two-four weeks.

5. Pots need to be held at temperature about twenty four degrees. Annually the plant is replaced in the pot bigger by the size. The five-year tree is replaced every three years. In the winter additional spraying is required not to allow drying of plant. In the spring and in the summer additional fertilizing is required by complex fertilizer. Mungo well transfers cutting, its krone can be formed somehow. At due leaving to you mango will please you with blossoming in November-December.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team