How to grow up onions

How to grow up onions

Onions – the frequent guest on our table. In some European countries the onions are grown up directly from seeds. There are special grades of onions which are suitable for such method of cultivation. But in our climate more rational the two-year way of cultivation of onions meaning at first cultivation of onion sets from seeds and then – the next year – cultivation from sevka full bulbs is considered.

To grow up onions on the personal plot and to annually receive rich harvest of this culture, it is necessary to follow simple rules of care for onions beds.     

  • The richest crop of onions can be reaped from those beds on which tomatoes, cucumbers, squash or cabbage grew earlier. Onions cannot be planted on the same place more often than every three years.
  • Serious influence on quality and amount of the grown-up onions renders crops time. It is the best of all to sow onions at the beginning of May. Later sowing time considerably reduces productivity of culture, and earlier – quite often lead to formation of arrows and abundant blossoming. That arrows were formed less actively, onions of pilferers need to be stored in the winter at rather low temperature – from 10 to 18 degrees.
  • The more small than pilferers, the probability of abundant strelkovaniye of onions therefore it is better to choose large onions is higher (for example, onions which diameter exceeds one and a half centimeters).
  • In two weeks prior to landing the onion sets need to be warmed up at temperature of 40-45 degrees – this simple procedure considerably will increase resistance of onions to various diseases and wreckers. Warmings up need to be carried out within 8-9 hours.
  • If you want to grow up onions on the personal plot, consider that this culture very much loves solar places with equal relief and the fertile, friable, well breathing soil. Therefore before digging up the site it is necessary to feed up humus, saltpeter, chloride potassium superphosphate. If the soil on the site peat, increase dose of phosphoric fertilizers by one and a half times – this procedure will help to reap good harvest of onions.  
  • Beds with onions need to be loosened as often as possible, and in droughty and hot weather they need regular watering. That onions were not infected with dangerous fungal disease under the name peronosporoz, it is necessary to carry out prevention – for example, to spray beds with onions one-percentage Bordeaux mix.
  • To reap crop it is possible to begin when leaves of plants turn yellow and will hang. Usually the crop of onions is reaped not earlier than the end of August, choosing for this purpose dry and warm day. It is necessary to dry onions in the warm room with stable temperature (25-30C).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team