How to grow up shnitt-onions on windowsill

How to grow up shnitt-onions on windowsill

In the early spring when in kitchen gardens it is impossible to land anything yet, and fresh greens very much want, it is possible to try to equip on windowsill small ogorodik. It is possible to grow up on the balcony or windowsill a lot of things, but not it is worth undertaking everything if experience in it is small.

Choosing culture for landing on windowsill, first of all it is necessary to be guided by such factors as simplicity of leaving, tolerance to conditions of keeping. As possibility of gardeners during creation of landings at window quite limited, it is better not to complicate to itself task.

Those who has already tried the hand on the simplest – onions distillation on feather fennel and parsley – can recommend to plant shnitt-onions on windowsill. For it it will be required to prepare in advance – the planting stock is prepared since fall. It is possible to grow up shnitt-onions from seeds, but it takes much more time and forces. If in kitchen garden there are ready landed onions, it is better not to complicate to itself work. Kurtinki of onions is dug out of the earth, the feather is cut off, then trenched in in the boxes filled with the earth or just pots. It is necessary to keep them in the cool place, the balcony or the basement well will approach.

In the winter of capacity with the earth bring in heat and establish closer to luminous source. If the windowsill is not lit with enough beams of the sun, you will probably need to create additional illumination. For the rest leaving same, as well as behind normal sevk or turnip. Shnitt-luk quickly lets grow juicy green feathers. It can be cut off from bush bunch or on some feathers at once. To taste it is softer and more gentle, than simple green onions.

From one lukovichka at cultivation on windowsill two times are possible to receive greens. Then the plant exhausts the forces, and thorough leaving even with high-quality fertilizing a little to what will help. It is recommended to prepare since fall several pots with prikopanny material that will allow you to grow up greens during the whole winter. In kitchen garden shnitt-onions sprout one of the first in the early spring.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team