How to grow up sorrel

How to grow up sorrel

The sorrel is loved for the fact that it gives the first in the spring vitamin greens, especially valuable after cold weather and frosts. Its seeds take root on any soils and begin to sprout already at 2-3 degrees of heat. The sorrel yields several harvest during the season and it is considered the most profitable greens for the gardener. Grades Belvilsky and Maykop are especially tasty.

It is required to you

  • Sorrel seeds


1. The bed for sorrel is prepared in the fall. It is better to allocate for this plant allotment with slope for the South that on it there was no stagnation of water. To the soil it is necessary to introduce organic fertilizers. The first landing is recommended to be carried out in April. The most convenient schemes of crops of sorrel - tape two-lower case (distance between lines - 20 cm, between tapes - 50 cm) and wide-spaced (distance between ranks - 45 cm). Seeds of sorrel place on depth of 1 - 2 cm.

2. Generally care for sorrel consists in loosening, waterings and timely removal of inflorescences and long stalks. However sometimes greens suffer from mealy and false mealy dew. In the first case the leaves become covered by white raid, in the second - indistinct gray spots. One more illness of sorrel - the rust appearing on leaves in orange color. Quite often leaves of sorrel are gnawed by insects wreckers (are especially dangerous to harvest oxalic listogryz, lozhnogusenitsa of oxalic sawfly and revenevy weevil). Also sorrel slugs eat around, and the plant louse drinks juice. And diseases it is impossible to apply chemical medicines to pest control. Therefore prevention - destruction of weeds and removal of excess vegetation after harvesting is important. In extreme cases it is possible to use plants decoctions and wood ashes.

3. After each cut of leaves sorrel it is necessary to feed up nitrogen-potassium or organic fertilizers and it is abundant to water. It is simple to receive sorrel seeds for landing for next year: it is necessary to leave 2 - 3 bush plants, without cutting off from them leaves and waiting for emergence of escapes on them with buds whisks. When escapes grow brown, it is necessary to cut off testicles and to leave them for 5 - 10 days for ripening, and then to shake out seeds. It is also possible to make multiple copies sorrel in the vegetative way, that is division of bush into parts.

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