How to grow up strong seedling

How to grow up strong seedling

Future harvest in many respects depends on what your seedling will turn out. If sprouts suffer from lack of light - will be extended. High temperatures will not allow seedling to become tempered. Abundant or too rare watering will complicate development of root system. The look needs to have all these subtleties in fight for fruitful beds.

It is required to you

  • Box for seedling, the soil, seeds, water, watering can, blade, fertilizers.


1. Mix in equal proportions the garden earth with compost, add 2-3 gr phosphoric fertilizers on each kilogram of the turned-out mix. Fill boxes for seedling. At their absence it is possible to take glasses from under sour cream or box from under milk drinks. For exit of surplus of water, obrazovyvayushchikhsya when watering, make in tanks for cultivation of seedling several openings.

2. Fill boxes, boxes and glasses with the earth. Try to fill quite densely, otherwise then it is necessary to add, the earth will inevitably sink after the first watering. Leave them for several days. Meanwhile prepare seeds. Some need training (carrots, beet, celery root). Others – in prorashchivaniye (cabbage, bean, cucumbers). Swelling in poorly painted potassium permanganate solution is favorable for the third (tomatoes, pepper, melon).

3. Water the earth in the prepared tanks. Make grooves or holes. What exactly to choose – depends on the size of seeds. In the first way it makes sense to plant seedling of those plants which seeds have the small size. The second way allows to put each sunflower seed separately therefore in this case nevertheless it is more preferable than hole. For secure in one hole land on couple of seeds.

4. Cover the earth with the seeded seeds polyethylene, put to rather warm place. As soon as there are first shoots, remove protective film, light is necessary for very young plants. Strong seedling turns out only at long daylight hours. Time of influence of ultraviolet rays has to be not less than 6-7 hours. At insufficient lighting seedling needs additional illumination.

5. Water seedling in process of drying of the soil. At stage 3-4 presents of leaf (counting after cotyledonous leaves) plants it is necessary to dive on individual pots. It makes sense to pave the way for them same as it has been described earlier. Landing, do not bury. The agrotechnology of the majority of vegetable cultures does not assume deep landings. After watering by all means loosen the soil, it will improve air circulation and will increase survival.

6. Feed up. Strong seedling can be grown up, only observing optimum balance between organic and mineral fertilizers. Approximately in 2 weeks after shoots the saplings should begin to be tempered. Open in the afternoon of frame of the greenhouse if you grow up seedling on personal plot. In house conditions it is possible to leave for the night open window leaves. Try to avoid draft. Saplings - as children, at the slightest draft can "catch a cold".

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