How to grow up tobacco from seeds

How to grow up tobacco from seeds

Inveterate fans of tobacco smoke have appreciated for a long time advantages which cultivation of tobacco on the garden site gives. The main argument – considerable economy of money. But not all know that it is not obligatory to smoke tobacco at all. This good diuretic, expectorant and sedative.

It is required to you

  • - tobacco seeds;
  • - soil for seedling;
  • - capacity for crops of seeds.


1. Starting cultivation of smoking tobacco, it is necessary to remember that its tastes can change depending on characteristics of grade and quality of soil on which it is grown up. At low contents in the soil of moisture and mineral fertilizers the aroma will be thinner, and leaves are larger. More dense texture at tobacco which is grown up on clay and greasy muddy soil.

2. Cultivation of this culture demands patience and special skill: the term of vegetation is 100-130 days therefore it is necessary to grow up tobacco through seedling. Before disembarkation in soil of plant have to be bred within 40-45 days on windowsill therefore sowing time is necessary for the end of February beginning of March.

3. Cultivation of seedling requires the friable nutritious mix consisting of three parts of the cespitose nutritious earth and one part of the humus mixed with the rerotting sawdust. It is necessary to add also 10 g of full mineral fertilizer.

4. For increase in viability the tobacco seeds ret previously in 1% solution of nitrate potassium or 0.01% of wine vinegar for day. Then seeds should be washed out in flowing water, to spread out to damp fabric, to cover from above with damp gauze and to leave for 3-4 days for prorashchivaniye.

5. When white sprouts turn up, seeds need to be dried to condition of flowability, to mix with fine bank sand and to seed three sunflower seeds in flowerpots. It is more often it is not recommended to sow as tobacco does not love changes. Depth of seal of seeds of 0.3-0.5 cm. After crops the soil needs to be humidified and covered with polyethylene film.

6. Indoor temperature before emergence of shoots has to be maintained in limits 23-25 C, subsequently it is necessary to reduce it to 20 C. Seedling of tobacco needs the bright scattered sunlight, it is necessary that the soil in pots constantly was damp.

7. It is possible to plant seedling when the threat of returnable frosts passes on bed. The distance between plants has to be 30 cm, between ranks – not less than 70 cm. During vegetation it is regularly necessary to water tobacco, to fertilize phosphorus-potassium fertilizer, to loosen the soil and to delete weeds.

8. At emergence of peduncles the top of plant needs to be broken off, it is also required to pasynkovat tobacco that the leaf had opportunity fully to ripen. At emergence on landings of plant louse the processing by insecticides can be required.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team