How to grow up watermelons in Siberia

How to grow up watermelons in Siberia

Summer in Siberia very short. The threat of frosts passes only in the second decade of June, but, despite this and in Siberia it is possible to grow up very whimsical melon cultures which will not be of a lower quality than the southern fellows, the main thing to observe the correct agrotechnology.

It is required to you

  • - manure;
  • - film;
  • - seeds of watermelons;
  • - peat pots;
  • - complex mineral fertilizers for melon cultures;
  • - sawdust of deciduous breeds of tree;
  • - sand;
  • - cespitose soil;
  • - humus.


1. That to grow up watermelons in Siberia and at the same time they have managed to ripen, use manure beds. At the beginning of April make high ridges, cut down in them holes by means of secateurs, fill with soil mix. Mix at the rate of 2 parts of the chernozem, 1 part of sand, 1 part of the cespitose soil, 1 part of humus is suitable for cultivation of watermelons.

2. If you do not add humus, introduce the complex mineral fertilizers intended for melon cultures on one tablespoon on hole. On the prepared bed establish arches, pull film.

3. As soon as you have made manure bed, begin to prepare seeds of watermelons. Process seeds in weak solution of potassium permanganate within 10 minutes, place in damp fabric for 48 hours.

4. Sow watermelons in peat pots on three seeds on one pot. If all ascend, prodergayta shoots, having left 1 plant. It is impossible to replace melon cultures as they do not transfer damage of root system at all and do not take root.

5. Land peat pots with watermelons on bed on May 1 on 4 pieces in hole of 50х60 cm in size. You make waterings 1 every two weeks. That the soil strongly did not dry up and did not burst, landing zamulchiruyta sawdust of deciduous breeds of tree.

6. Clean the film shelter on June 12 as soon as the threat of frosts passes.

7. Leaving consists in systematic removal of weeds, rare watering, earthing up which needs to be done each 2 weeks until lashes do not expand. Prishchipyvaniye does not need to see off as watermelons give ovaries not only on the main lash, but also on side escapes.

8. Stop waterings on the second of August. In two weeks make mass harvesting.

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