How to increase small garden

How to increase small garden

Whether it is possible to increase small garden? Of course. Thanks to the tromple-l'oeil equipment that in translation from French means "optical illusion", is quite possible "to move apart" borders of garden and to turn your 6 hundred parts into beautiful and interesting space.

It is required to you

  • - plan of the garden site;
  • - mirrors;
  • - paints;
  • - brushes;
  • - arches;
  • - pergolas;
  • - material for the device of paths.


1. Plan arrangement of footpaths in future garden. Draw them on the plan of the site. Consider that straight lines visually reduce distance, thereby emphasizing the small area of garden even more. Make the paths framing flower beds, roundish or zigzag. This reception will provide only partial visibility of objects of garden, will seem as a result that the garden proceeds.

2. If you love accurate straight lines, make several paths of different width. And gradually narrow the longest. Such reception will allow to make impression that the footpath is much longer, than is actually.

3. One more way to make path of visually longer — to plant larger plants at its beginning, and at the end — is less.

4. Establish at house wall opposite to mirror path. It is known that they optically expand space. The plants which are reflected in them will make depth impression, thereby visually increasing space.

5. Paint walls of the house, the shed, garage with images blendes. For example, draw open door behind which the garden proceeds. Near the image plant plants and lay paths that many times over will enhance effect of blende.

6. Separate the site into several levels by means of breast walls and steps, thus you gain so-called optical effect of emersion. If to arrange flower beds at the lower level, and recreation area - on top, then when you are at the second level, the flower bed and garden will appear before you close up. But when you will go down, the sight will stop only on separate elements or compositions, for example, magnificent bush of peony or rose.

7. Create so-called "false" prospect. Make tunnel of pergolas or several arches. At the end of it put decorative element, for example, mill, well or small fountain. Plant bushes and trees which will hide fence and will seem that the garden proceeds.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team