How to look after honeysuckle that it has yielded fruits

How to look after honeysuckle that it has yielded fruits

The honeysuckle – one of the earliest garden berries, ripens at the beginning of June. Usually yields abundant harvest. But sometimes year after year does not fructify though bush already rather big. To look after honeysuckle that it has yielded fruits, simply, experienced gardeners consider. They are sure that the good harvest consists of three composed – right choice of saplings, competent landing and careful leaving.

Right choice of saplings

It must be kept in mind that not all species of honeysuckle belong to edible, there are decorative grades which land on seasonal dachas as green green hedge. Therefore when choosing saplings surely specify at the seller what grades he has offered for sale how soon plants will begin to fructify, what productivity of the offered grades, etc.

Buy saplings 2 — 3-year age, then you reap the first harvest in 2 years. Surely check branches of saplings for availability of healthy kidneys, for flexibility (they should not break) and for the general integrity of bark (they should not have damages). However, insignificant peeling of bark is admissible, it is one of features of plant, not accidentally in some regions the people have nicknamed her "shameless person".

Upon purchase of saplings pay attention to roots: they have to be rather developed and massive, healthy even visually. If there are turned black or begun to rot backs, put such sapling aside better.

Competent landing of honeysuckle

Before landing prepare for honeysuckle not shaded site protected from winds with well warmed up fertile soil. Generally the lower branches of adult plant love shadow, but it is created in the natural way in process of growth of bush. If with fertility of the soil on your site the situation is not very well, create it for honeysuckle specially. In each hole in which you will plant young bush pour out 2 buckets of compost, 1 kg of wood ashes, 40-50 g of superphosphate and it is a little, literally 1-2 tablespoons, potash fertilizer. Mix all components at simultaneous injection in hole of water and directly in this fertile mix plant bush. Powder from above with the earth, slightly stamp also to zamulchiruyta the soil large sawdust, needles or straw. Day 3-4 do not water, invention watering – as required (the honeysuckle loves moisture, but does not take out boggy soil).

Care for honeysuckle

The honeysuckle is not choosy, it is a little subject to diseases, it is not really loved by wreckers. The main care for it consists in autumn cutting of the dry boughs and branches growing towards trunk (in order to avoid thickening of bush). It is necessary to introduce organic fertilizers under bush in the spring, it is possible to do it with simultaneous scarification. At the very beginning of vegetation, snow will hardly thaw, it is good to feed up honeysuckle nitrogen fertilizer. It is necessary to loosen the earth under bush very carefully since the root system is located close to surface. During season of blossoming and early fructification you can water bush with ashes solution. It is simple to prepare it – stir 1 l of wood ashes in water bucket (how many enters one-liter jar). Though wreckers also do not disturb honeysuckle, or disturb extremely seldom, for prevention nevertheless it is possible to process upon termination of fructification bush the medicine "Eleksar" or "Inta-VIR".

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