How to look after the curling strawberry

How to look after the curling strawberry

From the beginning of garden season the summer residents begin to pave the way, to plant seedling in soil and to look after carefully the plants. Fragrant berry - strawberry enjoys special popularity.

As it is correct to land the curling strawberry

It is difficult to provide for today kitchen garden or the seasonal dacha on which would not grow up strawberry. Strawberry is one of the most favourite and tasty berries. Conditionally all grades of strawberry can be separated into 3 main groups: hothouse, garden and curling.

Special attention needs to be paid to the last. Kind of the curling strawberry is Ampelous. From the most known and the demanded curling grades it is possible to distinguish such as Astara, the Moscow delicacy, Geneva, Eros and many others.

Any gardener and the summer resident has to know that the curling strawberry is kind of normal grades therefore care for it has to be corresponding. At cultivation sharply there is question of how and when it is the best of all to land this berry. It is recommended to do it in the spring in May. Depending on the speed of fructification it is possible to get early grades (fructify in June) and later which will yield harvest up to August. Categorically it is not recommended to plant the curling strawberry of different grades on 1 bed. The curling strawberry can be landed also in the greenhouse in the suspended situation or even in simple pot and puts it directly in the house or the apartment.

Features of cultivation

Any strawberry including curling requires permanent care. First, it is reasonable to water bushes in process of dryness of the soil. It is necessary to remember that it is recommended to pour water only under bush. It is better to water it more rare, but is more abundant. In this case it will well fructify. Secondly, every 3-4 year it is required to update bushes. For this period of plant almost completely exhaust the soil therefore carry out replacing of young mustache. Old not to leave obligatory. Mustache take only from big, strong bushes. It is possible to cut off them scissors or knife. All those bushes which badly fructify or have died, it is necessary to remove from bed because they absorb many nutrients from the earth. All dry leaves obstrigat, leave only strong and big mustache. The curling strawberry can be landed very closely to each other, thus the big bush is created. Quite often on 1 square meter plant dozens of plants at once. The curling strawberry needs fertilizing. For these purposes it is possible to use nitrogen-containing fertilizers, humus. It is reasonable to land it on the solar site and to periodically clear beds of weeds. On the fertilized site, any curling strawberry will yield big harvest and will bring joy to the owner.

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