How to make brazier with own hands

How to make brazier with own hands

It is difficult to present campaign on the nature or just sit-round gathering with friends on the dacha without preparation of shish kebabs therefore in this case not to do without brazier in any way. For distant campaigns it is possible to make folding design and if there is the owner-occupied dwelling or giving it is possible to make also stationary portable brazier which conveniently will remove if necessary.

The brazier is extremely simple design, but for its creation it is necessary to have at least the minimum skills of work with the welding machine and the Bulgarian. To make reliable design which will serve for many years, it is necessary to make beforehand the drawing on paper, noting the sizes and arrangement of all parts and necessary openings. The sketch is especially important if it is going to do compartment for cauldron, the roof and other elements allowing to make brazier more functional. At production of brazier it is necessary to select quality materials as if metal is too thin, probability is high that it will burn through during the first use for preparation of shish kebabs.

Materials and tools for production of brazier

Planning independent production of brazier, first of all it is necessary to pick up metal correctly. If desired such design can be made also of the titan, but in this case it will be not only durable, but also very expensive. Besides, this material hard gives in to processing therefore on it you should not stop the choice.

To make stationary brazier it is better to take metal which thickness has to be more than 4 mm. Iron in 3 mm will be suitable for production of folding designs. In this case the brazier will be less durable, but easier that will allow to transport it even on long distances.

 In certain cases as basis of design it is possible to use thick-walled metal flank, allowing to make self-made analog of barbecue. Besides, when planning stationary mangalny complex it is necessary to prepare materials which will be required for arrangement of roof. Thus, besides sheet iron it is possible to carry to materials which can demand during production of design:

  • steel corners;
  • professional flooring;
  • steel pipes;
  • bolts and nuts;
  • door hinges, etc.

Besides, it is necessary to prepare set of tools which will be required in the course of production of brazier, including:

  • Bulgarian;
  • file;
  • scissors on metal;
  • flat-nose pliers;
  • drill;
  • welding machine.

 Metal is the material which is not differing in high resistance to corrosion. That the brazier has not become covered further by rust layer, it is necessary to apply right after its production on it protecting cover. For this fabrication stage of brazier will be required:

  • corrosion preventing agent;
  • heat-resistant paint;

To make beautiful brazier which will become worthy decoration of the site it is possible to weld shod elements in addition. Forging demands special knowledge and skills therefore if independently to make it it will not turn out, it is worth buying preparations from professionals who it is possible to weld when finishing design.

Production of simple stationary brazier

It is the best of all for the people who do not have experience with the welding machine to stop the choice on brazier option with the minimum quantity of welds. Production of bowl will require quite big sheet of steel that all development was located on it. On it all bends and borders of side elements are drawn. It is especially carefully necessary to carry out marking of lines of future bends of box.

 After that it is necessary to cut development. Further it is necessary to cut accurately with the Bulgarian metal in places of bends. It is necessary to go deep no more than on 1 mm. Excess corners are cut completely. For forming of bowl of framework of brazier it is necessary to turn in metal on already cut lines. In spite of the fact that the box will even hold in this case form, it is necessary to boil thoroughly nevertheless box on corners. Welding brazier box, there is no need to watch tightness of corners as in the remained openings will be, there passes air, and it is great advantage.

In the lower part of sidewalls it is necessary to make drill 2 rows of large openings for ventilation. As legs it is possible to use steel corner. At first it is necessary to cut off the Bulgarian 4 elements of the necessary length. What height of product should be made, each person defines independently. Legs can be welded directly on box corners. It will be enough for giving of rigidity of design.

Within improvement of brazier it is possible to weld limiters from metal on each leg that they did not fail to the earth under curb weight. It is especially relevant if there is no opportunity to build brick or concrete bed under barbecue. That the brazier was more reliable and durable, it is possible to make support in which the bowl will be established of steel corner. Besides, the good idea to weld on design legs the small wheels capable to facilitate its transportation across the site and near the house.

Stationary brazier from metal barrel

If the metal barrel is available, the shashlychnitsa can be made of it. If desired it is possible to make barbecue of barrel even without welding application. At first it is necessary to cut off half of barrel, but so that its edge parts remained on the place. After that from the inside it is necessary to attach bolts angular fastenings which will perform further function of holders for grid of barbecue or pad for placement of skewers.

On each side barrels near the place of cut need to be made several rows of openings. Besides, it is possible to make from one of side faces of opening for placement of flue. If desired at such brazier it is possible to make cover. For this purpose the cut-off part needs to be connected to brazier box door hinges. From outer side the handle fastens. It will allow to open brazier up and its uses for smoking. In upper part of faces it is possible to weld the strong pin with hook in the middle for cauldron. The prime cost of such brazier will be low as the price of materials is small.

For production of legs it is necessary to use strong steel corners. Elements of support can be welded, but if desired for fastening of its separate parts it is necessary to use also bolts.

Arrangements of brazier with roof

Weather often is unpredictable therefore if sit-round gathering with shish kebabs among the friends near the house is not rarity, it is better to allocate the special space for brazier to equip basis and roof. The basis can be made brick, tiles and even wild stone, and here with roof not everything is so simple. It has to have inclination that the smoke going on it left up.

Besides, it is possible to make gable roof in the central part which should be arranged extract. If the brazier small, is the best of all to do roof racks autonomous from it. If barbecue design big, it is possible to weld racks directly on its corners. The roof has to tower over brazier surface not less than on 1.5 m. The hood has to cover brazier on 1 m.

If it is going to do single-pitch roof without extract, and height of brazier is 1 m, it is necessary to make at once of corner 4 racks, 2 of which will equal 2.5 m and others 2 on 2.7 m. After that it is necessary to cut off 4 corner, identical by the size, for the basis. That the box was more reliable, it is necessary to weld corners on perimeter of upper part. Because of the available roof bevel, their size should be counted individually. After the framework of rack is ready, it is possible to attach on it professional flooring which will act as roof. Such construction will be quite heavy therefore the risk that it will be inverted by wind, is minimum. If desired for giving of design of bigger stability it is possible to put at first such roof, and then to fill in concrete bed.

How to make folding portable brazier?

 At trip to the nature the folding mini brazier which can be located in the machine can be useful. Such design can be made of stainless steel 3 mm thick easily. In this case there is no risk that firewood or coals propalit the bottom. To independently make folding brazier book, as in shop, it is problematic, but light-weight construction which can be placed in small cover quite really.

To make qualitative folding brazier, masterly possession of the Bulgarian will be required. The design of folding brazier assumes that all its elements will fix at the expense of grooves. At first it is necessary to make the drawing and to transfer it to metal. On long sidewalls about 2 rows of openings become. Besides, on these elements about 6 uvulas are cut out, 4 from which are carried out at short faces of sidewall and 2 on the lower edge.

The lower uvulas should be bent so that they were located horizontally concerning the plane of future bottom. It will reduce risk of its failure in the course of use. Openings have to be located so that uvulas which will be present at the bottom freely entered them. In short sides openings for uvulas become. It will allow to collect quickly box due to occurrence of grooves. In angular uvulas it is necessary to make openings that they were visible even after assembly of box. After that are cut out from corner of leg and in their upper part openings for the uvulas which are present at collected box are made. After the uvula is passed through the corner acting as design leg it needs to be recorded bolt and nut. It will strengthen design as legs will fasten all elements of brazier.

Anticorrosive processing and painting of brazier

To prolong brazier life, at first it is necessary to smooth out metal surface brush, and then to process anticorrosive structure. After its drying it is necessary to paint brazier with special heat-resistant paint. Treat fire-resistant:

  • KO-8111 enamel
  • KO-8101 enamel
  • Rust-oleum enamel
  • Tserta paint.

Such covering is capable to maintain temperature from +650 to 1090 °C. At the correct drawing this paint will keep long time, without cracking and without losing color.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team