How to make drop watering in the greenhouse

How to make drop watering in the greenhouse

If to know the sequence of works and what tools and materials will be necessary each owner will be able to mount drop watering in the greenhouse. This water supply system will not demand big financial investments.

Summer residents who have no opportunity often to visit the possession, with fight against drought will be helped by drop watering. This feed system of water to plants can be made both in kitchen garden, and in the greenhouse. Its advantage is that she does not demand use of the pump as liquid arrives to the right place spontaneously.

What will be required for mounting of system of drop watering?

The systems of drop watering completing for the device can be got in shops for gardeners. But are not less effective as the pipeline of dropper or drop tapes. The last represent hollow plastic tube with set of openings. Such network of irrigation will cost considerably cheaper.

Fluid supply has to be made from quite high-capacity. It is the best of all to install barrel of 200 l. As the central highway it is possible to use plastic pipe or reinforced hose. For the purpose of prevention of contamination of the pipeline it is desirable to install at its exit the filter for water treatment. Besides these materials, feature connectors and stubs will be necessary.

How to make drop watering in the greenhouse?

To reduce highway length, it is desirable to place the container with water near the greenhouse. To create the required pipeline pressure, the barrel needs to be installed at the height of 1.5-2 m. In its lower part cut out opening, strengthen in it the output end of the main highway which can be executed from sewage plastic pipe with a section of 50 mm or from reinforced hose. It is extremely desirable to install the crane. It in case of need will allow to block water supply. The central highway is laid in the middle of the greenhouse throughout all its length. The main pipeline can be laid horizontally, and branches from droppers demand bias towards beds. It is simpler to attach drop tape to plastic pipe, than to hose. Therefore it is more preferable to use plastic. In pipe drill openings of the necessary diameter, insert into them dropper and pressurize slots moisture resistant silicone sealant. Act throughout the central pipeline this way. Each link of drop tape is equipped with the small faucet which allows to regulate water current pressure. All branches from the central highway have to be located along beds. On the end of each drop tape the stub is established. Upon completion of mounting, the system of drop watering needs to be washed out, having executed trial descent.

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