How to make green hedge of pines

How to make green hedge of pines

Pine green hedge – durable, evergreen, unpretentious type of protection. Such fence will allow not only to designate decoratively site borders, but also will reliably protect it from wind, dust and public eyes.

For forming of beautiful fence it is important to pick up suitable plant varieties and to provide to saplings the correct landing. Pines prefer the solar, well lit sites – in shadow they develop krone of irregular shape. The soil for planting of saplings has to be easy and not acidified. In the presence of clayey ground it is necessary to make drainage of brick fragments and sand previously. Optimum soil for pine has to contain the earth, peat, sand and humus in equal quantities.

The distance between landing holes has to be not less than 1-1.5 m in case of disembarkation of undersized grades of pines, and not less than 4 m – for tall grades. Most often for creation of fence use mountain pine, cedar, black or Siberian. To give to protection the greatest density, trees need to be planted in chessboard order or, in process of their growth, to fill intervals between trunks with ornamental shrubs. It is the best of all to plant such bushes in style of "hanging gardens" - not in soil where pines, and on separate high layers of the soil are already planted.

At hairstyle of green coniferous hedge it is important to remember that branches of pine have no ability to cluster unlike fir-tree branches, and do not become more fluffy after trimming of escapes. Forming of beautiful krone or task of certain form by it is made or by means of firm support, or by means of wire.

As firm support the Rabitz netting on which young, flexible branches of pine are fixed is most often used, forming the necessary framework for figured forming of krone. The wire winding allows to achieve desirable bend of branches and to enshrine them in this provision. That the tree trunk did not become bare in process of growth, on the lower branches suspend heavy load. It is necessary to remember that the wire is deeply capable to crash into tree trunk and to leave on it flows and scars therefore periodically it is required to weaken winding. The following important task in forming of pine fence – growth inhibition of trees since coniferous plants are capable to give gain more half a meter in year. The nipping of escapes has to be uniform to provide to branches proportionality. However if there is need for filling of empty sites for fence, it is recommended to leave part of branches not cut off and to allow them to grow to the necessary length. It is possible to delete to third of young escapes bravely to do harm to tree. It is important to remember that cutting cannot subject branches, age is more senior than three years – it can force tree to hurt long and even to die.

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