How to make house brick

How to make house brick

The brick is widely used in various construction projects. Practically any building does not do without brick. In this article it is told how it is correct to make brick with own hands.


1. For a start it is necessary to tell about clay. It is used at production of brick. Clay can be got or extracted manually. For this purpose it is only necessary to find the earth which in rainy weather easily turns into reddish dirt.

2. Glyn needs to mix with water. To add straw to this mix. One bunch of straw will be enough for each five handfuls of clay and the soil. Straw has to be in advance crushed. If straw has lumps, then the brick will turn out weak.

3. Further it is necessary to add some more cups of water to the received mix. It is necessary to do it at the same time. By means of shovel to mix contents. Sometimes people use for this purpose specially dug holes in the earth in which they carry out hashing.

4. After that it is possible to be engaged in brick outflow. The form needs to be filled with the received mix. It is good to shake up and mix form contents. The top of brick needs to be vyravnit, and then to place compression mold under ultraviolet rays of the sun. Thus, drying will be carried out. It is necessary to consider probability of precipitation if it is going to rain, then the brick is spoiled. In order that the brick has finally dried, it is necessary to put it in the dry shady place. Process of hardening will last about a week.

5. To make flame brick, the special brick furnace is required. The point of its work is very simple. Well dried up bricks exempt from form and place in the furnace. Burning is made half of day. Temperature in the furnace - is more than 1000 degrees. Brick at such temperature all moisture is extended. There is emergence of new minerals and crystals. These minerals are in the brick and do it stronger.

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