How to make lane for grapes with own hands

How to make lane for grapes with own hands

That the harvest of grapes pleased, clusters beautifully hanged down, and unattractive outbuildings have been closed by the curling greens of grape leaves, establish special support for grapes – lanes. We offer you the detailed instruction with photo how to make lanes for grapes with own hands.

For a start we will understand what is lanes. These are, in fact, columns which are connected among themselves by rope. Grapes short moustaches cling to rope, and the rod well grows. The harvest of grapes increases. The main objective of lane is to provide access of sunlight to grapevine. Without prop, the young growth will tangled lie on the earth.

One-plane or vertical lanes

Represent the columns established in a row on which the wire in several rows is tense, or the grid is established. Distance between columns – 2-2.5 meters.

For rod posts it is necessary to use durable materials. The normal tree will not approach as it will quickly decay. It is better to use metal pipes with a diameter from 3 to 6 centimeters. Final columns have to be thicker, their diameter of 10-15 centimeters. Length of column is 2.5 meters.

How to make vertical lanes the hands

For production of crossbeam use galvanized, copper, or aluminum wire from 2 to 4 millimeters thick. The copper wire is more preferable as being oxidized, it emits the useful substances necessary for plants for protection against diseases.

Drive columns on depth of 50-60 centimeters, concrete. Pull the lower wire at the height of 40 centimeters. If to make it is lower, clusters will lay down on the earth. Pull the following of wire with step of 40 centimeters.

The wire can be fixed by brackets or rings from the same wire which was pulled on columns. It is possible to weld hooks on columns and to fix wire for them.

Biplanar lane the hands

The Dvukhpoloskostny lane represents two one-plane support located in parallel. It increases the space occupied by one plant, gives the best conditions for pollination and protects the soil from moisture evaporation.

If distance between ranks of the planted grapes from 1.5 meters, it is possible to build biplanar lanes safely.

On corners it is necessary to dig out holes with diameter about 30 centimeters and 50 centimeters in depth. Between tops of lanes there has to be distance of 120 centimeters.

Establish column in the dug-out hole, fix and fill up to half with crushed stone, or brick fragments. Fill in cement slurry of M-200 brand.

Pull wire between beams.

Decorative lanes

Cope with the task not worse. Perfectly are suitable for improvement of recreation area, at the same time perfectly support plants. The only minus – it is problematic to cover grapes from frosts therefore decorative lanes are suitable only for frost-resistant grades. It is possible to buy decorative shod grid, to put it from two parties, and on top to make plastic rods which are easy for bending. It is possible to fix them by grid by means of normal couplers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team