How to make logs

How to make logs

Logs use as the basis for floorboards to make durable floors in owner-occupied dwelling or at the dacha. From that how good you will make logs, life cycle of floors will depend.


1. To make good logs, first of all, choose dry and equal bar. Logs can be the different sizes, but usually for the basis of floor use bar 150kh100mm. The bar should be cut the necessary length, from calculation that logs have to keep within across room length with step to 600 – 800 mm.

2. After you prepare bars of the necessary length, they need to be processed any available means preventing damage from insects and moisture. It is possible to use bituminous mastic for this purpose – it well protects wood from external influences.

3. Having processed logs, it is possible to leave them to dry and to be engaged in the basis for laying log. It is the best of all to dig out in the earth small holes with step to 800 – 1000 mm which then to fill in with concrete, having exposed edges on identical level. If from ground level, to the level of future floor long distance, it is possible to lay out the bases for log by means of brick and cement slurry. Logs should not be surely fixed to the basis as their weight, and the subsequent hitch with boards of floor will provide the sufficient durability and immovability.

4. When the bases for log in the form of small columns are ready, it is possible to put on them logs. Finally at you the equal wooden basis to which then it is possible to beat floorboards has to turn out.

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