How to make new of old cabinet

How to make new of old cabinet

If the old cabinet has bothered and has ceased to fit into the changed interior, do not hurry to pull out it on garbage can. The strong tree furniture still will serve you. If the cabinet low, to ceiling remains decent distance, then use it intelligently. Make mezzanine. At you to appear the new place for storage, and furniture will look more modern. Update doors, having replaced them with new or having decorated old. Dream up and at you the exclusive cabinet will turn out.

  • mezzanine:
  • - furniture board;
  • - electrofret saw;
  • - furniture screws;
  • - screws;
  • - plastic guides;
  • - Moment glue;
  • - plywood or hardboard;
  • - metal corners;
  • - tape measure;
  • - pencil.
  • Decor of doors of cabinet:
  • - rotangovy cloth;
  • - rails;
  • - miter box;
  • - hacksaw;
  • - furniture stapler;
  • - tape measure;
  • - pencil;
  • - varnish or paint;
  • - brush or roller.

1. AntresolOtpilite or unscrew legs at old cabinet if they are. You will increase distance to ceiling, the useful zone will become more. And the cabinet will stand more strong on floor as load of it will increase.

2. Attentively examine back wall of cabinet. If old fiber board became mouldering or has cracked, then it needs to be replaced. Take the measurements and cut new back. Fasten it small screws or beat carnations.

3. Make exact measurements of new mezzanine. Cut necessary elements from furniture board. Make back part of mezzanine of hardboard (fibreboard) or plywood.

4. Collect all parts of mezzanine on screws or metal corners.

5. Paste plastic guides Moment glue. Cut doors from plywood. Surely check that on thickness plywood coincided with width of guides. Doors have to move easily in grooves.

6. Process mezzanine paints and varnishes or pokleyta wall-paper. On color the external part of superstructure has to coincide either with cabinet, or with wall-paper not to be allocated with ugly spot.

7. Attach mezzanine to cabinet top metal corners.

8. Decor of doors to shkafazamerta door tape measure cabinets. Postpone the sizes on rotangovy cloth. Saw off hacksaw with small teeths the necessary amount of material.

9. Attach cloth to cabinet doors by means of the furniture stapler. Under rattan there is no need to remove old covering if it does not grow bare pieces or not podjedeno bug.

10. Measure doors on perimeter and cut rails for fringing. The Rotangovy cloth on cabinet will turn out in frame. Do corners by means of the miter box - then at you everything will easily join.

11. Paint rails necessary color separately if you are not going to paint rotangovy cloth. If you have uniform everything, then attach pieces of wood and make everything one tone. It is possible to paint with the roller or brush. And if you are not afraid to splash the next objects - they are closed or are absent, use paint or varnish in barrel.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team