How to make raspberry ready for the winter

How to make raspberry ready for the winter

Raspberry in the gardens located in midland of Russia usually well postpones wintering. But that it was possible to count on future rich harvest, it is necessary to make raspberry ready for the winter correctly, following the recommendations of experienced gardeners.

Preparation of raspberry for wintering begins in June

Adequately to prepare raspberry for wintering, it is necessary to take care of it at the beginning of summer when there comes the fertilizing period. Respect the rules, do not overfeed bushes. The excess of fertilizers, especially nitric, reduces frost resistance of raspberry.

You watch that the raspberry brake has been well lit, i.e. has not been closed from sunlight by other plantings. At sufficient lighting the bushes will be strong and hardy that will help them to transfer frosts with firmness.

Experienced gardeners are convinced that raspberry for the winter needs to be mulched. When using organic chemistry (normal cow manure) the last introduction has to be made no later than June 15. If preference is given to normal mulch (to shaving, sawdust, the crushed bark of trees, needles, straw, etc.), it is necessary to zamulchirovat all area of raspberry brake till July 25.

Autumn cutting of raspberry

In 2-3 weeks prior to resistant cold weather examine raspberry brake. Define escapes which should be removed and which – to leave. Otplodonosivshy and sick bushes, weak young escapes which will not transfer hard frosts and also 2 years' escapes fructifying 2 years in a row are subject to autumn cutting. Do not feel sorry for the two-year-old, they, of course, still can yield fruits, but it is not enough and small, at the same time they actively take away useful substances from the next young escapes, without allowing them to develop fully. Autumn cutting means full removal of unnecessary escape (at the roots). Pay attention to density of raspberry brake. It has to be rather transparent and easily passable. Too dense thickets will not bring abundant harvest of berries since plants will reach for the sun and to direct all efforts on growth. Than the raspberry brake, that high probability of rich harvest is more rare. You can bend the remained escapes in pairs and connect by rope so that the arch was formed. It becomes in order to avoid breakage of bushes at abundant snowfalls. The "arch" is lower, the better will endure winter of plant. If raspberry of undersized grades, it is possible not to connect bushes, they well maintain the weight even of very big snow layers.

If the raspberry brake is young, can cut off only tops of bushes. It is necessary to make it till September 20. Help escapes if they have not completely dumped leaves: remove foliage in order to avoid their rotting which can be thrown also on kidneys.

The shelter of raspberry for the winter

For the shelter of raspberry the snow was always considered as the best material. It is relevant and today, despite the wide range of the ukryvny materials which are on sale in specialized shops. If already resistant frosts were established, and snow dropped out a little, take care of raspberry in addition: cover with snow in raspberry brake, transferring him from footpaths and from fences (where there is a lot of it, but it is not especially necessary) there, and even from nearby ravines. If snow has not dropped out absolutely, and outside already the end of November or the beginning of December, cover connected with arches run straw or fir twigs.

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