How to make the home alarm system

How to make the home alarm system

The alarm system for the house is necessary for safety you and your property. Application of ready samples is sometimes just economically unprofitable. To make the home alarm system not so difficult.

It is required to you

  • the passive infrared motion sensor (the sensor – the lighting switch); siren, 12B; insulator tubes; the holder for batteries; wires; the relay on 6B.


1. Begin work with the motion sensor. Transfer it from power supply 220B on 12B. The system will be able to work also at supply voltage from 8B to 30B. At supply voltage in 12B it is necessary to install the relay on 6B. (12B will not work).

2. Open the sensor. Take spherical part, having unbent one of support. Take out payment. The sensor is simple optical system and the passive IR receiver reacting to change of size of the IK-radiation getting on it. The viewing angle of the sensor makes 180 degrees.

3. Give power supply to points at the left, i.e. on negative and positive poles from energy source. And on the right connect relay winding to points. Remove the regular relay.

4. As the place in the sensor housing is not enough, remove the relay through wires in the body basis.

5. By means of the regulator on the sensor expose duration of work of siren. Install the sensor indoors, and bring siren to the street. The sensor works right after energizing therefore remove the siren switch to the secret place better and include it several minutes later after turning on of the sensor

6. The system is ready and works as follows: on the sensor via the switch power supply and when it works moves, tension on relay winding moves, and relays, in turn, will include siren the closing contacts.

7. When checking the alarm system on working capacity it is important to protect ears since it quite loud and can lead to hearing damage, despite the compact size

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team