How to make the project of design of the seasonal dacha

How to make the project of design of the seasonal dacha

The majority of gardens arises in general spontaneously. Formation of design happens as owners have new ideas or funds for the pleasant plants, flowerpots, gazebos or fountains. At the same time often there is problem with placement of new elements in harmony with already existing.

It is required to you

  • - scaled paper;
  • - ruler;
  • - colored pencils.


1. Solve what you wait from garden for. It is not only about plant varieties, and in general about the nature of your pastime in this place. After that choose necessary elements.

2. Define, what is the time you are ready to spend for care for the seasonal dacha. Consider that the majority of elements of landscaping require not less attention, than vegetable beds or the greenhouse.

3. Make the list of elements which are pleasant to you and are not pleasant. List what is necessary and that it would be desirable to have. Work with these lists and define degree of importance of each point. You do not hurry, periodically come back to written to make changes and additions.

4. Compare the expenses necessary on arrangement of any given element, and pleasure which you are going to get from it. Think whether there is opportunity to replace difficult objects in leaving with something simpler. For example, creation the rock aria or rock-garden will occupy less than forces, time, material resources, than the organization of the Alpine hill. On the other hand, if you dream of decorative reservoir, the Alpine hill will become ideal opportunity to attach excavated soil.

5. When choosing elements of landscaping and objects connected with truck farming consider prospect for several years and possibility of modification. Especially it is important if in family there are children. The interests of the one-year-old toddler and ten-year-old madcap are various. Provide it.

6. On scaled paper draw the detailed plan. Specify arrangement of constructions in scale. Right there on the plan allocate solar and shady places. Degree of opacity or illumination can be specified by various shading. Surely specify problem places, for example, with the marshy soil or strongly blown by wind.

7. Plan paths. Do not do them too twisting. Remember that between farm buildings you will always move on the shortest way therefore do not plan big bed or the greenhouse between the house and the wood shed.

8. Choose the place where you are going to spend bigger amount of time. Solve whether there will be it gazebo, board scaffold or site for barbecue. Designate it on the plan. Think how you will provide protection against the sun or wind.

9. Define in what party the overview from the vacation spot opens. If your look falls on compost pit or the economic shed, think, than it is possible to hide them. For this purpose perfectly high decorative elements, like lanes, pergolas, effective single trees will approach.

10. Choose as you arrange the most advantageous elements, such as decorative reservoir, or the Alpine hill that on them the view from the maximum quantity of points in your garden opened.

11. Think over as allotment in front of the house will look. Answer number of questions. Whether you are going to place decorative elements there or you want to hide the front garden from curious eyes high fence. How will the entrance of machines and where there will be parking be organized? Whether there will be near the house garage and how you are going to move from garage to the house? Whether you plan arrival of guests on own cars and how often it will occur? It will help you to choose optimal variant of building of this site.

12. Place all remained elements on the plan. At the same time consider that apple-trees need not less than 10 square meters on each tree. Pond it is impossible to have near deciduous trees, otherwise you should spend huge amount of time for its cleaning. The grassy lawn very badly grows on the shaded places and on too bright sun. Bath, greenhouses and beds have to be located near water source. The toilet not has to be far too removed from the house. The playground has to be visible from any place in your garden.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team