How to make the smoking shed

How to make the smoking shed

There are many options of production of home smoking sheds. The choice of design depends on where you are going to smoke products - on picnic, at the dacha or even in the apartment. Review example of production of the universal mini-smoking shed from bucket and the stationary smoking shed from steel box.

It is required to you

  • - bucket with cover;
  • - stainless steel wire with a diameter of 1 and 3 mm;
  • - hacksaw or Bulgarian;
  • - welding machine;
  • - sheet of stainless steel;
  • - corrosion-proof round bar steel with a diameter of 10 mm;
  • - steel corners;
  • - refractory bricks.


1. Make the simple figurative mini-smoking shed of bucket. The galvanized bucket for these purposes cannot be used. Make three grids of different diameter of wire. On two products will give all the best. On third (lower) the pallet is established. It is necessary in order that fat from products did not flow down on sawdust.

2. Take wire and wind it outside of bucket at the necessary height. Measure the necessary length of wire, having added 5 mm for welding. Cut off piece of wire hacksaw or the Bulgarian. Bend wire in circle and weld joint.

3. Bind the turned-out circle stainless steel wire with a diameter of 1 mm or weld from above wire pieces, so that the grid with size of cell about one-two centimeters has turned out. Make thus three grids.

4. Use metal plate as pallet. Its diameter has to be less than diameter of grid that the plate did not interfere with free passing of smoke from sawdust. Sawdust when smoking is filled on bucket bottom. The bucket has to be closed by cover densely.

5. It is possible to smoke products in such smoking shed, having hung up bucket over fire (country option) or having just put it on plate. However at the same time the room has to be aired well. Smoking in the smoking shed of such design happens very quickly and takes fifteen minutes till one o'clock (depending on products).

6. Make the smoke-cured capacious stationary smoking shed for its use at the dacha or in the private sector. Weld box from stainless steel without bottom. Determine its size independently, depending on what quantity of products you are going to smoke.

7. Mark and cut off from round stainless steel not less than 10 mm thick necessary quantity of bars for products, and - make bars for installation of pallet of steel 3-5 mm thick. Their length has to correspond to box length.

8. Weld in box (in its lower part) bars for metal pallet, and in upper part - corners on which bars with products will be established. Make of corrosion-proof wire hooks for suspension of products. Make cover for the smoking shed of the sheet of stainless steel.

9. Dig out superficial hole in the place chosen for the smoking shed and lay out its walls refractory brick. The size of fire chamber has to coincide with the sizes of steel box. Process of smoking of products in it to the smoking shed happens as follows.

10. Make fire in fire chamber, let's firewood burn through. Put in coals of branch, chip, sawdust. Put on fire chamber bricks the prepared smoking shed with products and pallet.

11. Close the smoking shed metal sheet, having left slot for smoke exit. Adjust draft, increasing or reducing the size of this opening. The draft when smoke goes evenly is considered optimum, branches and chips smolder, but light up. Products in it are smoked several hours.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team